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Cohen, Barry M. (March 1969). "The Rising Star of Julian Bond." Sepia, 18(3), 26-29.

In November of 1968, nearly two years after winning his unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision, Julian Bond appeared at the University of Arizona to give a speech. At one point in his speech he returned yet again to his views on the Vietnam War:

"The real trouble is that the war is taxing the black community more than any other community. We have integrated foxholes, but the same people in an integrated unit couldn't live in the same neighborhood in the United States. When the Negro returns from Viet Nam and is faced with discrimination he just may be motivated to burn down his own slums with the tactics he learned in the war. But violence is no answer, not a real one. A truly oppressed minority may try violence, but it will only bring on the concentration camps that much faster. We need an end to slogans without constructive action. Peaceable means are preferable as long as they bring a response. If they do not; we must use other means."
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