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"Black Panther Party Offers Volunteers to RSVN, NFLSV: Hanoi VNA International Service in English." October 29, 1970.

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Hanoi VNA International Service in English 0546 GMT 29 Oct 70 B

[Text] Hanoi VNA October 29—The South Viet Nam National Front for Liberation and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Viet Nam recently received a letter from Huey P. Newton, minister of defense of the Black Panther Party, informing them that the party is ready to send volunteers to fight shoulder to shoulder with the South Vietnamese people against the U.S. imperialist aggressors, according to G.P.A.

After extending fraternal greetings to the South Vietnamese liberation fighters, the letter said: "In the spirit of international revolutionary solidarity, the Black Panther Party hereby offers to the National Front for Liberation and Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Viet Nam an undetermined number of troops to assist you in your fight against American imperialism. It is appropriate for the Black Panther Party to take this action at this time in recognition of the fact that your struggle is also our struggle, for we recognize that our common enemy is U.S. imperialism which is the leader of international bourgeois domination. There is no fascist or reactionary government in the world today that could stand without the support of United States imperialism. Therefore our problem is international, and we offer these troops in recognition of the necessity for international alliance to deal with the problem... Such alliance will advance the struggle toward the final act of dealing with American imperialism".

The letter stressed the close relationship between the struggle of the black people in the United States and the national liberation movement in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and said: "To end this (U.S. imperialist) oppression we must liberate the developing nations... As one nation is liberated elsewhere, it gives us a better chance to be free".

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