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Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense: Manpower and Reserve Affairs. Project One Hundred Thousand: Characteristics and Performance of "New Standards" Men. Washington, D.C.: The Office, 1969. (OCLC Accession No.: 09461968.)

OCLC Accession No.: 09461968

This report by the Department of Defense assesses the goals and accomplishments (or lack thereof) of Project 100,000. Project 100,000 was proposed in 1966 by then Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to increase America's military manpower by lowering military mental and physical requirements thus decreasing the number of rejects. Designed as a "salvaging" program, Project 100,000 "salvaged" African-Americans at a rate of 40% the total. Although the military designed the program to provide training and education for these would be rejects, many of those retained under the program ended up in menial or dangerous jobs which did not provide the necessary transferable skills for rejoining American society.

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