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Kicner, John. "Antiwar Union to Aid Negro Resisters." New York Times, April 15, 1968, p. 24.

The National Black Anti-Draft Anti-War Union met in New York City to coordinate resistance to the draft, and more particularly to African-American resistance to the draft. The organization put forth a plan to provide counseling to African-American youth, conduct workshops, and set up a national group of African-American lawyers to defend draft resisters. In addition the group composed a letter to their "Vietnamese brothers and sisters" that read in part, "We pledge to increase our resistance to the American war of aggression. We recognize that as you destroy American imperialism, this in turn aids our fight for our liberation. At the same time, our effort to destroy domestic colonization of black people is an aid to your struggle. Our two peoples have a common enemy and a common victory to win. Let us continue to work together toward that goal."

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