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About Face. Heidelberg, Germany: Unsatisfied Black Soldiers, July 4, 1970.

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Source: About Face. Heidelberg, Germany: Unsatisfied Black Soldiers, July 4, 1970.

a'bout face


JULY 4, 1970

AR 381-135 (d7 "Unit commander shall further ensure that there is no interference with the US mails, and that every individual under his command has the right to read and retain commercial publication for his own personal use."


On July 4, 1970 in Heidelberg, at the University of Heidelberg, thousands of black people will assemble to show the world that black GI's are not satisfied. In a sense we are holding a trial. The case: United States Army-United States black GI's. The charges: we charge UNCLE SAM with genocide, mass-murder of millions of people, political murder, economic murder, social murder, and mental murder. The WORLD will be the jury. Every individual present at the FESTIVAL will serve as prosecutor. INDEPENDENCE DAY was picked due to its significance to white America. The significance lies in the fact that this is the day BABYLON declared herself the HOME OF THE FREE LAND OF THE BRAVE, where ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. But a rapidly growing number of us see this is a MYTH. A myth that is maintained by her huge military-complex. A complex that is racist to the bone. A complex that hides behind the disguise of patriotic flag-waving Americans. We are demanding to know, how can a military complex that defends the most imperialist-racist country in the world have the authority to say we believe in equality, that all men are created equal. Those and other questions will be asked, and an answer demanded.

"Cloud man"

The Army has not only deprived us of the right to be citizens, she has deprived us of the right to be human beings.

Whenever you are going after something that belongs to you, anyone who is depriving you of the right to have it is a criminal.

Malcolm X

"The Pig and the Crutch"

The Pig 1st SGT of HQ BIG CEN is setting up a BIRACIAL COMMITTEE to solve the Black G.I.'s problem. what the pig 1st SGT is doing is using the committee as a crutch to lean on. The low down pig don't give a damn about the Black G.I.s in the company

Because if he did, he would publicize it, and would let the EM elect who they want to represent them, not who he wants. Because the people who the pig drafted are the biggest Uncle Toms in the company.

It was brought to my attention that if the big do not let any Black G.I. who desires to be on the committee be on it, THERE WILL BE NO BIRACIAL COMMITTEE IN HQ CO USAREUR SG GEN.

"Give me justice or give me death"

"The Judge"

So People get ready there is a train a-coming
You don't need no Baggage, just get on board.


Hard Times

The politicians have been telling us that America in pulling out of Vietnam. Now we're discovering we've been tricked into another war in Laos and Cambodia. There's no telling how much it will cost, but it's easy to see who's paying for it: us.

Prices have soared 18% since 1965. In spite of wage hikes, workers buying power has dropped 3% since then.

Of course, politicians and business men are trying to make the public believe that the real reasons for inflation are higher wages and demands by workers. But even the Wall Street Journal admits that this is baloney. They say: "The upturn in factory prices began in 1965 and is still going on ... profits began rising long before prices. And unit labor costs actually were declining slightly at the time the price rise got under way."

The reason for this is not hard to discover: 1965 was the year in which the escalation of the Vietnam war began. We spend 30 billion a year for Vietnam. This is a waste. It means that fewer real goods and services are produced, but people still want to buy them, so prices rise.

The real benefit from higher prices went to corporation profits. During the 1960s, after-tax profits rose 160% faster than the weekly takehome pay of the average wage earner.

Back in 1965, 11% of workers' wages and salaries were withheld for federal taxes. We might feel better if everyone was carrying a fair share of the burden. But workers are carrying most of it. Politicians say that taxes are so high because of welfare and public services. The facts show that's just a smoke screen: ONLY 2.3% of THE 1970 FEDERAL BUDGET GOES FOR PUBLIC AID. ONLY 14.5% GOES TO ALL HEALTH, EDUCATION AND WELFARE PROGRAMS. NEARLY FIVE TIMES AS MUCH - 70% -- GOES FOR WARS PAST AND PRESENT.

Even the poorest people, earning less than 3,000 dollars pay a higher tax rate than the rich, earning over 25,000 dollars. Unemployment is on the rise. In February 1969, it was 3.3%. In September 1969 it was 4.0%. By February 1970 it had hit 4.3%. Many economists are worried that unemployment will rise to .0% in the near future.

And these layoffs are not an accident. On the contrary, they are a deliberate policy. In an interview, Arthur Burns, Nixon's chief advisor on domestic affairs, said that to bring galloping inflation under control would require stern measures of restriction and they will bring with them unemployment, probably on a large scale. It is not hard to find the reason for this. The real cause of the galloping inflation is the 30 billion the government is spending each year for the war in Vietnam.

This is why we have a "call for justice"

Taken from "Next step"

HOT LINE NEWS: The KKK in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe, Neurt Kaserno: The heart of KKK territory where Black GI's are victims of some of the most hideous crimes there are. The Brass is now in process of showing that the Army still practices racism. A Black GI named SP-6 Gross exposed a Captain named XX, who is a member of the "elite" branch of Neurt Kaserno's Karlsruhe local KKK organization. (I wonder how many affiliations there are in Germany. Heidelberg, yours will be exposed soon.) The hearing was supposed to be an open hearing, but when 25-50 brothers showed up for the hearing, the Brass decided to have "close door justice". (You can run but you can't hide.) The brothers are saying Col. Duke, Head Pig of the 516th GP., that they are demanding justice not tomorrow or the day afterward, but NOW.

"Cloud man"

Neither Rain Nor Snow

Blackness is a state of mind, not color pigmentation. Some of our Blackest Brothers and sisters have the whitest minds. The Black revolution has had such a devastating impact on the social revolution as a whole, that we have produced sophisticated, educated young Blacks; who sport Afros, eat chittins, and give you the Black Power salute, but when asked to DO something positive and concrete for brotherhood they'll slide. These are pig-apes, the racial bastards, the scum, we call "fair-weathers". We have to deal with them, instead of the ole Uncle Toms. You're either with us or against us, and I'm talking about E 5's and below here at Patton and all over Germany. That goes for you freaky WAC's too. DO SOMETHING and DO IT NOW DAMMIT!

You're fortunate in that you have UBS to run too, a lot of brothers in Germany haven't been that fortunate. But you're fools intoxicated with the style and popularity of being Black, but are scared shitless, at doing something concrete and positive. If the revolution here at Patton was hot, you'd be among the first to fall. You're untrustworthy and uncommitted, which means that your value to black people is zero, and by the fact alone you represent an obstacle in our path to freedom. The next result of these facts shout that you would fall under the weight of one of our bullets. Get up from that bar and that goddamned big whist-table, and DO SOMETHING. Tell that Fraulein trash, to GO TO HELL, when UBS has called some action. The eyes of UBS are on every single fair weather Brother and Sister in the Patton BKS Heidelberg area. I would love to blow that "old Dominion" club up on "Soul Night" (smile). So get up off your asses, get up off of that barfly trash, dedicate some juice time and DO SOMETHING!

"Today is too late, tomorrow we are dead" -- DO IT NOW

"the Minstrel"


Since 1966 there has been considerable attention focused on the word Black. Being Black is more than skin color. It is an attitude, a state of mind, a way of looking at life. Blackness is a political, cultural concept. It recognized man's need for knowledge of where he has been in order to determine where he must go. It affirms an identity that is African in root, understanding that an infusion of European-Asiatic stain has possibly expanded, but certainly not destroyed that basic African identity. It emphasizes the indivisibility of man with the one force, securing therefore forever, the dignity of the individual and his right to freedom by whatever means necessary. Blackness is a political-cultural concept, called revolutionary by the oppression, because it identifies the oppressor, defined the nature of his oppressionistic acts and frees the mind of the oppressed. Blackness is the concept that actuates the man, that has decided to direct his own destiny, to construct his own definitions, to formulate his own guide lines. Babylon's democracy is understood to be a fascist system based on racism, and the issue from the beginning and now, is CONTROL. It advocates Black control to the degree necessary to serve the best interest of Blacks. Freedom by any means is the only acceptable alternative to bondage by whatever name. Blackness is a concept which calls the individual to view, where he goes now his major consideration, and how he must go, his most pressing business, being Black, is a state of mind

"Cloud Man"


The lowest form of life in the military is the guy with the fancy title of "career counselor". He makes it seem like he is doing the best he can for you, when his primary intentions are filling his re-enlistment quota, filling army school quotas, filling his pocket with bonus pay and adding to his own prestige by putting notches on his re-up stick.

He comes on like a friend - a guy really interested in your life. But how can anybody profess to be looking out for your best interests when his job depends on getting so many guys each month to take the six year hitch.

Many methods are used to get a guy to take that first step which leads to getting hooked. I say hooked because if you think it rough looking for a job on the outside when you're 21, watch how hard it is when you're just getting out at the age of 27. That's why the Army only offers that big cash bonus on the first 6-year enlistment and never again. After taking 6, you're as good as being hooked.

These high pressure salesmen have all your records at their disposal. They know everything about you before they see you and figure which approach to use to either coax, pressure, trick or brow-beat you into re-enlisting.

If after checking your records he sees that your parents are dead, he'll tell you that you have nothing to go back to; if your scores equal a fifth grade education, he'll tell you how lucky you were to qualify for some crazy school. And if you show a working class background, he'll bring up the big cash bonus. Whatever your story is, he's got a sales pitch especially suited for you.

Everyone has to get at least one re-up talk during their tour. The Army makes sure everyone gets the "have a seat - would you care for a cigarette?" -- sales talk because they are working on the law of averages. Out of any 100 men who go through the pressure box, a certain number will give in every time and sign the dotted line. As the Army boasts, the re-enlistment team consists of all officers and NCO's along with the official buzzard, the career counselor.

Er, Kaiserslautern


How much longer are you going to stand by and see your NCO's and company commander fuck over you. Now is the time to take a stand and get what is legally due to you as a soldier in the American Army. Day after day we see Whitey's taking care of their own, now is the time for our Black NCO's to start taking care of their own. Yes the whites are getting their rank, but are you? Are you one of those Blacks that stayed 10 months in the service as a PFC or E-2? Have you ever asked? Are you interested?? Now is the time for you to get what you want. Not only what you want, but what you deserve. You have worked from the sweat of your brow as hard or I'm tempted to say harder than the others. Your blood was shed in the building of America. So why shouldn't you demand your right in the military? Because Uncle Sam isn't going to give it to you as he would his own. That's why I write this article to let you know there is someone concerned even so as you are. We not only want you to let us help you, we want you to help us, by participating in the activities we think are vital to our organization, things that we think are helpful to us and to our other brothers. Support us through your appearance at our meetings, thru your thoughts, and thru your voice singing the song of freedom to other brothers elsewhere.


Tid - bit of News

To the racist dogs CPT Winkler and 1SGT Crowley of 503rd Transportation company, your crimes against brothers Smith and Doldrum have not gone unnoticed. Why in the hell did you "germs" give Pro. Doldrum a #15 the day before he left for Vietnam? Why are you trying to 212 brother Smith? Pig, if you and that dumb stumble-bum Capt. Sang from Big.Cen. would pool what little brains you have and vomit up an acceptable plan to abolish K.P. in that shithouse you call a mess hall. You and other pigs are always badmouthing about "boosting morale" well then eliminate K.P. and boost it then. Do you both so completely lack imagination? Dig that, and you're supposed to be "leaders". You both (Cpts. Sand and Winkler) couldn't lead me to a whorehouse. Cpt. Sang, it is said you would love to know my identity; well here is the first clue, I'm the air you breathe and one day I'm going to choke the hell out of you. So the head WAC sew in Co.b., all the eyes of the brothers and sisters realize that thru stupidity or racism or both you have failed to have in your command a sister barrack sgt. We realize also that there are very very few sisters living off-post - why? If you haven't realized your crimes against the sisters you are stupid and negligent. If you have, you are a racist in constant heat and you will fall off your wall too.

So the head pigs "personnel" at Campbell, you had better put in a request for some Blacks to erase your lily-white image. The brothers are hot!! That place is running over with low-scum bigots and every night I send up a prayer so that someone will set fire to your "rest".




One of the most precious rewards that the black man has found in our continuing search for manhood and dignity is our love for the "daughters of Africa", our brown sugar. Thus it is an insult to them and to ourselves if we allow ourselves to be stripped of our manhood by the barflies of another race who have nothing to offer but the hollow tombs of their wombs. We are the proud "sons of Africa", lost to the mother land, perhaps forever, by some freak historical accident. Everyone knows that the traditional African male was unquestioned head of his family by law and by cultural heritage. When why in hell do we let sometimes toothless, drunk, ridiculous frauleins cause us to lie, cheat, fight and steal our way into trouble with the pigs, or with ourselves. Why is it that I've personally seen two brothers come to blows over the favors of some tramp of another race. Brothers, the eyes of our "brown sugar" are upon us! Let's stand up and be men. Put your brothers and sisters "ahead" of the trampish floozy who has one hand in your pocket and is winking at another brother at the same time.

These "barflies" will hang in military and civilian clubs that brothers frequent, sucking their manhood out of them. This is not to say that an honest relationship cannot develop with some Fraulein, but watch it Brothers, it is a game that requires maximum concentration. The barflies will dance like us, rap like us, and go to bed with us but all for a price, and quite a few times that price will include our self-respect, brotherly love, and even our lives. Do they see us as men, or as big, black, dancing sexy monkeys who are infinitely to the German race? Take that and chew on it.

Use them for what they have to offer -- money, love, smoke, drink, and then discard them like the dirty rags that they are. When your attitude reaches this level, only then can you rightfully present a claim for BlackManhood.

The sisters in the Patten BKS/Heidelberg area are wrong in their long held assumption that the brothers prefer the Frauleins over them. Sheer mathematics alone dictate that Frauleins play a major role in the love game. There are more brothers than sisters = brothers are forced to search the local Fraulein population for sexual release and satisfaction. That's as easy as "one and one it two" to figure out. There are some fair-weather sisters who reportedly have refused the attentions of the brothers in favor of those offered by the "white eyes". Shame on you, don't you have enough smarts to realize that you have been raped, abused and defiled by the racist criminal whites for over 400 years! I'm talking especially to the one wac who audaciously flaunts her white "[ ]" in the club time and time again. It's said he works at the main PX. There is also a slightly overweight WAC who is notorious for "swooning" over white GI's. You both are bitches, check yourselves, that's racial treason and immorality.

The daughters of Africa are the sweetest,
our brown sugar is the best,
and any down brother will tell you this, too!!

"Princes of Africa"

(We will expound a little further in this matter, due to the urgentation of it's need)

Tid - bits of News

Cpts. Speer and Howell the twin racist dogs of Big.Cen., your raving and ranting has not fallen on deaf ears. SFC Foos of 503 trans.messhall, the shit you call food is inviting a congressional. Tell that E-6 Rico that works for you to lay off the EM.

SFC sweet, head Uncle Tom at Patton Bks EM club, your latest transgression was a heney. The reason the brother refused to shake your hand is because your hand is full of white man's shit. You're a pig and a slut and you're not fit to tell your family that you are a man. Dog, everybody knows about that married blonde slut that you have been lining her pockets with the taxpayers' money. We have evidence that you're stealing from the club and PX!! A few brothers have committed themselves to kicking your ass in the near future. You're a suck-egg dog and a CID informer.

To that relatively new fair-weather brother who attempted to spoil the character of one of us by back stabbing whispers and ugly innuendos.

Will somebody tell these CID informers (MA's?) at the club that we know their game.


THE WALLS OF BABYLON WILL COME TUMBLING DOWN! Especially yours, "The minstrel."

Fairweather Militants

Hypocritical, bullshitting "jive" time famers is the definition I give to the Fairweather Militants. You see in this struggle for "liberation" there is no time for bullshitting, and jiving "Allah" know the stakes are too high, we are playing for keeps.

Dialogue by a Fairweather Militant. "Yes the military should be put in the hand of the EM's. You know! Brothers get fuck over every day. I don't dig that shit at all. You know this army is the backbone of the imperialist Government we have in America. -- Damn right, I give all the brothers the Power Salute, can you dig my "fro" my man, jump off ain't it. Me and my man what's going to marry this Fraulein. Just got through reading "Soul on Ice". Both of us dug the book, the man was rapping some good shit. Oh my man -- "old man" read it also, right! His old man is a GS-13 employee".

The dialogue you just read above is a dialogue Black People don't need and a dialogue white people don't deserve. What we need are people who will give their life instead of the power salute. We are looking for people whose mind is Black. Wearing an "Afro" doesn't make the mind Black. We don't need people who read for the "hell" of reading, but people who read to understand what they have read, in order to interpret it for people who don't have the intelligence to comprehend what the "man" is saying. Coming around, brothers, rapping about how the pigs practice racism, how the pigs maintain racism, why they maintain racism etc. will not get it. Dam rapping down to the brothers, they know all of this. Unite and take it to the pigs and run it down to them, if they don't listen ram it down their funking throat --

"Cloud man"


I'm a full-grown, full-time Black revolutionary. My business is freedom and I deal in realities. Reality to me is sacrifice, its blood, its falling and stumbling through an undergrowth of hardship and turmoil until freedom slaps you in the face. Its right and necessary, its legal and its one of the basics, in the difference between man and animal.

The desire for freedom forces the realists to recognize the importance and utter necessity of organization. Brothers, we of UBS have envisioned a sort of "United Nations" of Black liberation military groups in Germany. We are freedom groups organized with a council or decision making body responsible for policy and providing leadership. Rotate the members of the council or committee so that if the pigs ship out a few the leadership will still be intact. This governing body should determine tactics, goals, and when and where meeting should be held.

Two rules that must be carefully observed is 1) not to get involved in finance aside from "donations" and 2) keep no written records. All records must be kept in the head. In addition it is very important that your organization has self-discipline. Petty personal hassles should be downplayed, because if a dude is restricted or put on extra duty for some bull, he is of no use to the ORGANIZATION.

The council should have officers responsible for specific areas and should all have secret clearances for organizational work. It should be understood by the leaders that the general membership (for security reasons) should not know all of the info. Targets? the PX, the chapel, snack bars, civilian clubs who discriminate and have quotas, and the military clubs.

Seize the time, seize the initiative to start a movement at your casern, do it now and establish contact with neighboring cities and caserns. Join the "United Nations" of Black soldiers in Germany. IF you need help in organizing and if you need rappers contact BDG at SmileyBKs in Karlsruhe or UBS at Patten here in Heidelberg.

All will not be soft and easy, you'll have growth pains like anything else. You'll have power struggles, dissension, quarrels etc. But all will work out. It's especially important that you have a recruiting officer who will recruit new brothers on their arrival at your place. An officer of security is especially valuable in tracking down CID or MI infiltrators, and checking out potential troublemakers and security risks.

There it is and you should be able to go from there if someone will stand up and say "I'll take the responsibility of leadership, of organizing at being a leader in the fight for the freedom of my people. The pigs will threaten nave and rank but hold steady course and victory will not be too far distant.

Leaders must especially be adept in the art of crowd control and crowd psychology. You must produce concrete results and victories, you must sacrifice socially and financially in order to taste the sweet fruits of victory and offer goodwill and brotherhood to all men.

News of the fight has spread like wildfire -- even the children have taken up the call for freedom! Let us remain true to the teachings of our fathers --

"Lion of Kenya"


1. The Army has been reported to be "liberalizing" its regulations in order to make itself a nice place for happy soldiers. The reporting of all this "liberalizing" comes from the Army itself by way of the Stars & Stripes and Army Times.

2. Kleber Kaserne in K-town has gotten its share of the new action Army's liberal-minded leaders and they're candy-coating everything. Such new innovations as brightly painted mess halls with artificial flowers and pictures on the wall. No more reveille formations for some units and no work on Saturday for others. The 94th MPs don't ever pull KP and the whole unit is on separate rations.

3. A pretty mess hall doesn't cancel levies to Vietnam or it won't find us any better jobs when we get back to the world! It doesn't clean grease traps, wash dishes, mop floors or empty trays. It doesn't even shut the KP pusher up. A pretty mess hall doesn't have any relation to any of the problems but it makes a good story in the Stars & Stripes. (They ran a full page story with pictures of our pretty mess hall).

4. Doing away with reveille formations sure sounds nice but it has done more to divide the guys than anything else. What it actually has done is created fights and arguments because now the burden of getting the dead heads out of bed is placed on us and not on the lifers. Everyone still has to have his room squared away and have himself ready for the work call formation but most of the bitches are directed at each other instead of at the lifers. It is the same game they played in Basic to make us take our frustrations out on each other. One guy screws up and everyone suffers.

5. No work was ever done on Saturday mornings and by doing away with that the Army has admitted years of unnecessary harassment. They admit that they have been screwing around and we're supposed to thank them for wising up. I say it took too long. The 94th MPs don't pull KP and they're all on separate rations. They have to do all the brass' dirty work and are treated like favorite sons, just so they will stay loyal to the man.

6. The Army is not offering these tid-bit pacifiers because they appreciate the dedicated work of super-troopers. They offer these pacifiers because they see how strong the movement is getting in the Army. It is an attempt to buy us off, nothing but pacification.

EM -- K-town

"All of our people have the same goals, the same objectives. That objective is Freedom, Justice, Equality, to be respected as Human beings." -- Malcolm X


Black is not being white
      it's not wanting to be white
      understanding Black
      educating yourself about Black

Black is loving your Black sisters and Brothers
      enough to give yourself
      to the Black call for freedom. Are you Black or Negro?

Black is not an Afro -- a dashiki -- a handshake -- a fist

"Daughter of Africa"

The Brass Speak for Themselves

"I spent 33 years and 4 months in active service as a member of our country's most agile military force -- the Marine Corps ... during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big business, for Wall Street, and for the bankers.

"I was a racketeer for capitalism ... I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in 1915. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909 - 1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras "right" for American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested."
-- Maj Gen Smedley D. Butler

"Experience has proven that foreign influence is one of the most pernicious enemies of republican government."
-- Gen George Washington

"I see no strategic or other reason for maintaining a base in Vietnam ... Our anti-communist adventures bring us no return, while social programs suffer at home and 20 million of our citizens are in such despair that there is rioting in the streets."
-- Brig Gen Samuel Griffith II

"I think we should go back to the 1954 Geneva Agreements and hold free elections in Vietnam. I have no doubt they would go Communist, but our own political morality demands that we abide by the results of free elections."
-- Brig. Gen William Wallace Ford

"I believe that if we had and would keep our dirty, bloody, dollar-soaked fingers out of the business of these nations so full of depressed, exploited people, they will arrive at a solution of their own."
-- Gen David M. Shoup

"I agree with U Thant that this is a war of national independence, not a case of communist aggression ... I think we ought to get out the way we came in -- unilaterally."
-- Brig Gen Hugh B. Hester

"We are prosecuting an immoral war in support of a government that is a dictatorship by design. In this new era of political unrest, we cannot police the world, we cannot impose our social system on other nations ... We are losing the flower of American youth in a war that could stretch into perpetuity. After four years of fighting, we cannot be sure of the security of villages three miles from Saigon."
-- Brig Gen Robert L. Hughes

"General Ky is naturally willing to fight to the last American soldier and the last American dollar. It is about time that Americans should make their own decisions and stop blabbing about 'commitments' and saying 'it is up to Hanoi'."
-- Rear Admiral Arnold E. True


Personally I say destroy the system in its entirety. I say among adults there should be no need for such thing as an army. However, the realization that we do have them forces me to say that the United States Army id a dying institution, and death is just around the corner. Pigs, here is some emergency aid. The first adjustment made should be one so that E-4s' and below elect their immediate supervisors whether E-5, E-6 or E-7. The E-4s and below could remove them from that position if necessary. That would have the net effect of working for somebody who's responsible to the people.

Secondly, the IG should be made a civilian paid under the GS system. If this step was undertaken it would put that "office of appeal and redress of grievances" in the hands of the people, and would take all of that power (over our very existence) away from the racist pigs in the military.

Thirdly, why in the hell don't the pigs realize the need for authorizing jungle boots for summer wear in other than places with jungles. It gets hot as hell right here in Heidelberg. Why don't they design short sleeved, summer fatigues for summer wear?

Last but not least, the military pigs haven't yet realized with all of their charts, seminars, statistics and study-groups that the hiring of civilian K.P.s and cooks. (Stop exploiting the German Labor Service, by paying them low wages. This paper supports the German civilians who demand higher wages).

Are all of you pigs fools? No, most of you aren't fools, you "headpigs" especially, are too busy stuffing yourselves fat on honest taxpayers' money. One day soon you will have to explain to the world why the army needs approx. 10-15 generals, and 50-100 full colonels in one city. You're racist, corrupt, leeches, and you are guilty of war crimes and fraud. You're reactionary dogs, and we're going to expose your criminal activities to the world.

"Pigs, the manure has hit the revolving blade -- translation -- the shit has hit the fan."

"Prince of Africa"

Black volcanos

On the outside you appear cool and calm
your society says you are free but
you smile and think really?
could it be there is a war within thee?

You can be seen in college or as a
draftee in the army and perhaps for
two, three or more years you actually live
in complete harmony
but brothers and sisters could it be
that there is a war in thee?

Signs, signs you love those signs
unity, peace, brotherly love, or whatever
you give them to everyone you meet
your neighbor, whether you like him or not
his niece, even to your little brothers
why, please explain, do tell me???
could it be my dear friends that
there is a war within thee??



Speaking of people there is a certain Maj. Richard B. Luethje over at AG DPC who is hated by the Black and white troops. This man has repeatedly embarrassed the troops by cursing them out, in front of anyone who is around. He also does this to the civilians. He browbeats his NCC's. They have none of the responsibilities they should have. No one but the Maj is in charge and he has delusions of being GOD. He works his people six days a week even though the section is overstrength. I know of several people who went to the chaplain about this man. Nothing has come of it (Editor's note: nothing ever will). The man (Maj. Luethje) is unfit to be an officer. I suggest that the new Col. Monroe gets off his ass and talk to the troops and ask them certain questions like, Has he ever cursed you? Called you out of your name? Do you like him? Is he fair? Would you re-enlist under him? Has he lied to you or about you? And then if you don't believe it, ask the civilians. This man has people who work for him at the verge of a mental and nervous collapse! REMOVE HIM!

"Daughter of Africa"


Shakedown, PO Box 68, Wrightstown NJ
VIETNAM GI, PO Box 9273, Chicago Ill. 60690
Task Force, 2001 Milvia St., Berkeley, Cal. 94704
THE BOND, 56 5th Ave., Room 63, New York, NY 10010
GI Voice, Box 825, Stuyvesant Station, New York, N.Y. 10009
FED UP, Box 414, Tacoma Wash. 98409
Bragg Briefs, Box 437, Spring Lake, N.C.

If there is any criticism on any articles in this newspaper, "The People's Paper", don't hesitate to send them. "In Order to solve the problems you must get to the heart of the matter." -- Mail your comments to:

Politische Buchhandlung, J.Durkhardt
"A'bout Face"
69 Heidelberg, Schiffgasse 3

(If you come by personally, refer to "A.F.")


If I could but love you,
my tears would dry away,
my pain would lessen with each new blacken day.

      If I could but love you,
      would any dare stand in my way,
      I love you, not at this moment,
      I loved you, each blacken day.

Abash, you no longer stare,
was I once an illiterate,
Now, brother, you proclaim me, flamboyantly,
Yet I loved you each blacken day.

"Black Pearl"


What do the American slave is your Fourth of July? I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy License; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass-fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are, to him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety and hypocrisy -- a thin veil to cover up crimes that would disgrace a nation of savages.


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Kief Schladweiler
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