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About Face. Heidelberg, Germany: Unsatisfied Black Soldiers, 1(6), September 12, 1970.

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Vol. 1     No. 6     12 September 70

U.B.S. (Unsatisfied Black Soldiers)



AR 381-135 (D): Unit commanders shall further insure that there is no interference with the U.S. mail and that every individual under his command has the right to read and retain commercial publications for his own personal use.

Source: About Face. Heidelberg, Germany: Unsatisfied Black Soldiers, 1(6), September 12, 1970.

On September 12, 1970 Black GIs from all parts of Germany will unite in Heidelberg for a show of "SOLIDARITY" and to re-iterate the demands set forth in the "Call for Justice" on July 4th in which over 1,000 Black Soldiers participated. The reason that a call for a "DAY OF SOLIDARITY" must be held is based on a fact so clear that it requires or even demands no argumentation:


We are unsatisfied because there is Racism being practiced and sanctioned right here in the Military at all levels from Head-Pig Gen Polk down to Racist 1st Shirts. We are unsatisfied because there is a double standard of "Military Justice", there is a double standard of "promotion opportunities, and we are unsatisfied with the "Nixon Investigating Committees" that have come to Europe and have failed to see the problem yet alone find a solution.

How hypocritical it is to be here in Germany, 8,000 miles from one's birthplace and to see and hear of the Ku-Klux-Klan, who threatened your great grandparents long ago, and whom the Army claims is a "matter worth investigating". Worth investigating! Hell it should be eliminated!

On September 7th, 1970 B.U.S. (Black United Soldiers) located in Karlsruhe held a "DAY OF SOLIDARITY". There were close to 200 Black Soldiers gathered at Neureit Kaserne to call for a "United Front" in voicing the Racial injustices that the Black Soldiers have suffered and are now suffering at the hands of the Racist Pigs that run the military system here in Germany.

There is also a U.B.S. (Unsatisfied Black Soldiers) Movement located in Heidelberg which was born on July 4 that is dedicated to exposing acts of Racism at any levels of the Military and particularly to exposing Big-Time Pigs who feel that they are beyond exposure. U.B.S. has publicized the fact that every Black G.I. in Germany lives in danger of being "shipped-out" for speaking out against Racism and that many have been shipped-out from Kaserne to Kaserne until the pigs understand that for each and every brother that is shipped-out another will take his place and another and another and another until every black man has been to every Kaserne in Germany and is still speaking out for freedom!

To You "Fact Finding Teams", UBS says,

"If you are not a solution - You are a part of the Problem"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On August 20th there was a Racial Disturbance that blew-up at MC Nair Kaserne in Berlin which hints that the Army after 20 years has not solved the problems of that particular Kaserne.

It is the policy of this paper to expose the racist-military clique for what they are. Down through the years black GIs have never had a voice to speak their true opinion. To that we say "no more". This paper through your support will express your opinion to the "utmost". Whether Gen. Polk on down like it or not. We say the "hell" with you. As we stated in a previous edition we will expose the racists for what they are. As the struggle intensifies there will be stronger repressive measures, again we say "no matter how hard you try you can't stop us now". This paper will try to express true opinions of dependents, GIs, civilians etc. (Not just the head pigs).

The editorial staff of this paper is well aware of the situation at hand, the necessity of the matters, the urgency of this paper. We see ourselves as the vanguards of the revolutionary struggle in Germany. Being human we understand that we are fallible, but we demand "zero defect" in our work. "Now" is the "time" to "seize" the "time" in essence, "in order to solve the problem you must get to the heart of the matter".

"The man who has the right to define is master of the situation."


A down brother

The Capitalist Regime of the U.S. is like a cancer eating away the face of the world.


Yeah here it is! The U.S. Government has admitted to the People of the United States, and the World that there is Racism being practiced now in the Military! Why else would the Government create fact-finding committees to come 8,000 miles from the US to speak with individual soldiers? Why can't it no longer take the word of it's respected Senators, Congressmen or even it's Secretary of Defense.

The answer is even simpler than the question, it is that they have failed to perform the jobs and duties that they have been given to do. And are being exposed as the frauds they really are. Take for example Congressman Joe Blow, he has been assigned by the Presidents "Special Commission on Racial Unrest in the Military" to go out and gather up all the facts and related information as well as offer suggestions and solutions. But in Reality the course of action that Congressman Joe Blow takes is as follows:

STEP 1. Gather up all information and brochures on places to see while in Europe.

STEP 2. Speak to all friends and relatives about things to do while over there.

STEP 3. Round up the family and get on a 1st Class all expense paid JET.

STEP 4. Arrival in Germany, prepare speeches about how glad he is to be here and what his mission is.

STEP 5. While at a parade in his honor that lasts for maybe 20 minutes, speak to the individual soldier who is guarding a piece of equipment that he has spent many man-hours on in preparation for the Congressman's reception. Shake hands with him, and if he happens to be black make sure there are 5 or 6 official photographers on hand.

STEP 6. Go to a form dinner, say farewell and board another Jet to sunny Italy and repeat the previous 5 steps.

Finally his time has run out, and now he must get down to the serious business of making a report that will cover-his-ass. A report that doesn't include the bitches and gripes, the Racism, the 212's, the Article 15's, the Psychiatric Treatments, and the unjust Court-Martials that are being administered to the Black Soldiers in every unit in Germany. A report that mentions nothing about the conditions of the Mannheim Stockade, or why the inmates are mostly Black Soldiers. It doesn't say anything about why over 1,000 Black Soldiers, gathered together on July 4 to publicize to the world the racial injustices of the Military System. Nor does it even hint at why Blacks all over Germany have organized themselves for self-defense (defense against Racism). If there is no one on the staff in the Pentagon, if none of the High Command can find an answer, ask any BLACK pfc, sp4, or E2 what the answer is. He will say, if you are sent here to find a solution to the problem you must first identify the problem. One of the problems is the Mannheim Stockade, and the PIGS that run it. Is it beneath the dignity of a Senator or a Congressman to go to the Stockade and speak to the Brothers there, or is it that these fact finding committees are just to fucking scared to hear the facts. Brothers all over Germany are telling it exactly "like it is".

We have talked and we have talked, and our words have fallen on deaf ears" but there is one language that is understood all over the world"!!!!!!!!!!




How? Is the question that is most often asked, not only by the pigs, but by all those black people who never before realized that it was their responsibility just as it was and is the responsibility of all black people to do something for freedom. The idea is not only to have a black mind but to project blackness everyday in everything you do. Try not to be a 16 Hour Revolutionary but to be a hard core for real brother all of the time. This means that all you do is for the people, this means that nothing comes before the people: this means that if all else fails you know that all you did was for the people, because when freedom comes it will be the peoples freedom.

Tid-Bits of News

Another crime has been committed by the head "fool" and Uncle Tom at Patton Barracks, SFC Sweet. This Tom is responsible for SP 5 Larry Epperson quitting the EM Club. SFC Sweet allegedly told Epperson he was going to "kick his A--" because Epperson did not patronized the club on his off-duty time! He told Epperson he "was not his own man." I call that intimidating employees and the very height of "Uncle Tomism." I say again to head-pig Tjossem, the people are fed up and will dramatically show you the degree if you do not remove that fool. When I say people I am not merely talking about BLACK PEOPLE.

NOTE: Will somebody tell that German Blonde fool that her phony attempts at "liberalism" makes us laugh, and how in the hell can she have the brazen audacity to "order" her Uncle Tom puppet to "join" UBS and take over! Your stupidity and his exceeds by far any I have ever come in contact with. Slut, I say again you are an adulteress, and you have bulled those civilian and GI employees long enough. Perhaps head-pig Tjossem and his gang might be interested in your statements to the effect that they "do not like you and you do not like them," and you should put your husband on them. I wonder if your husband knows about your illicit relationship with that fool Sweet. Somebody should tell him, I might!

I would like to announce a victory for the "PEOPLE." THERE is supposedly a ride to the hospital for all GIs if the need arises. The problem was brought out by the people, right on!! It takes time and tact and an awful lot of patience but persist and it will come.

Well SFC Foos has left us but that shithouse (503d Trans Mess Hall) is more revolting than ever. We just simply have to stop eating there to get our point over.

I see the 4th Base Post Office has a new name, but I went on a personal tour of the billets area the other day. Result! The same vermin and filth. The pigs in charge of those billets should be forced to resign from the military. Here is an open invitation to the "PUBLIC" to personally inspect the place.

That pig Major Menis at the Patton Dispensary had better realize his moral obligation (and legal) to dispense his "pills" on a first come first serve basis. Numerous complaints by EM have reached my ears about big-time pigs sliding in at 9:30 or 10:00 getting waited on ahead of EM who have been there since 7 AM.

To the fools who criticize the "grammar and spelling" in "About Face" it goes to show how much you concentrate. 95% of the errors made are of a typing nature. Even the "Stars and Stripes," even the "Bible" makes mistakes. The people understand, to hell with you foolish pigs, white and black. I know it is more of an attempt by you to distort the "message," than to get hung up on "English composition."

SGT Biederman (of Sig Cen) bless you, we say to you "ideas without action is not necessarily cool, it hints of passiveness or worst "being of a trifling nature." Take that. (smile) It seems that SFC Brown of Sig Cen has shown his racist colors at last. Why have you suddenly decided to hassle the brothers unnecessarily in that unit? A good ass-whipping is what you will get if you keep it up.

That jive MG Vaughn gives a few brothers a "soul handshake" and stabs them in the back with that racist other hand. What do the racist military news media do "play it up like all the niggers love the great white General, BULL!!" He is a fool. We do not as a policy accuse the black officers of being "Toms," we accuse them of being "NEGRO" which is worst, but germs like other filth have a tendency to die if heat is applied.

To the pig Major Hilliard (Protestant Chaplain at Patton) we are getting tired of your willy-washing, we will get back to you in the very near future. Hold on we are coming! The same goes for pig Major Brooks on that EES request for the WAC sisters. RESULTS is the name of the game.

There is a certain brother Austin at the local pig hospital who has been critically ill with a heart ailment, but that racist medical gang at the hospital refuses to act positively. Why???

How is it that SP4 Mark Grabenstein receives quarters and separate rations but lives on post and eats in the mess hall? He was later caught at his place of duty "highly intoxicated." And whats so special about this Mark Grabenstein? Is he CID, or the lifers pet? Ask 1st Pig Kennedy. When he answers that, ask him why he allows SSG Jim Hancock (MI) to place his confederate flag on his wall, and then refuses to allow lower EM to put certain posters on their walls. In this same hell-hole SP5 Frank Yenalevitch was given 7 days extra duty and 7 days restriction for eating in the barracks after 11 oclock with the light on. He was reported by SFC Richardson.

That foolish CPT Black of HQ & CO A tried to give Brother Burd (now a civilian) an Article 15 for having in his possession 3 leaflets announcing a meeting of the people and which was sanctioned by the Service Club. That Pig Winkler (CPT) of 503d Trans went crazy as hell and announced at formation "no one would go to a meeting of any nature." It blew my mind that what he was really saying was that "GIs in his company could not assemble on Patton (where they live) with other GIs (who just happen to live on Patton) to talk about nonviolent and peaceful methods to eliminate problems of BLACK and WHITE GIs." Think of that and then think of the fact that the leaflets announcing the "assembly" had "SERVICE CLUB" on it meaning it was sanctioned by them. Then think about the fact that the Constitution of the US guarantees one the right of "peaceful assembly" even soldiers (smile).

ANNOUNCEMENT: The people of Sig Cen Bks are tired of walking to the WAC Detachment to wash their laundry. If the GIs can get three haircuts in one day to satisfy the appetite of Major Caves, then they feel, that they deserve a washing/drying outfit NOW!!

There is an Uncle Tom fool who's the manager of the PHV NCO Club. Hear tell he is a bigger fool and Uncle Tom than our dear SFC Sweet. It is very difficult for me to imagine something like this. It set me back a day, but it gave me greater respect for the racist dogs who control the military here in Heidelberg and all over the world. It means we have to deal harder. One day, one day in the not to distant future, when the time is ripe, we will show you. The only language you pigs understand is gunfire. You dogs could not die a more befitting death. Mass panic and utter confusion and the sweet rat-tat-tat of an AK 47.

Uncle Tom Sweet sent the CID bandits to Larry Eppersons home looking for "something" and found "nothing." Why? Because he is a lost fool.

Where in the hell are all of the Spanish speaking people around Patton? They are sissies and cowards who are trying to "pass" as being white and who say by their reactions, to hell with my heritage and past. Fools they are, they go around saying shit like "My country tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty." They do not even realize they are being robbed of their heritage and rights as men by a bunch of wild mad renegade dogs.

Let us all examine the possibilities of an immediate cure for the ailments that we have had, for so very long.

Dutifully Yours,



To the head pig COL Tjossem, we of UBS heard about how you railroaded that Black PFC out of his rank and are about to ship him out of Heidelberg. That just goes to show you how true UBS is about racial fascism in the military. Yes, I guess justice is for you and that PIG SGM, for you have continued to railroad brothers, to cater to your "Uncle Tomism" idea (of how Black people should be). How can you tell a Black man how he should be when your facist government, governors, mayors, and judges refuse to give Black people our basic human rights. Fuck your idea of conservatism. I say down with you Pig. Down with you! Yes, we are going to bring you to your knees or die, if necessary, trying. Heed my words, the sun does not shine a day that I am not thinking of ways to "Burn the establishment."

To the piglet (house nigger) you have spying on us, he is a coward and a shame to humanity to help you big time pigs hang a brother. How brainwashed he is to be a low down dirty as that. We of UBS say "Down with you, down with you (TOMS)."


I can ride in the front seat of a bus now. I no longer have to wait in line to use your restrooms. I have integrated your schools and universities. I am a world wide figure in your movies, newspaper and magazines. And now I have an interest in your political affairs.

You see, I have tasted freedom under the law and found it sweet. And I will not cease walking and talking, pushing and prodding, until the final prize of freedom has been won.

Letter of Warning

To my dearest "big time pig, without further hesitation I shall first inform you that I hate you. I despise you. Why? It's simple, first you invade my home: you take my people from their homes. You put chains on my arms and ankles and force me into your country. I am forced to work for you, under your government. You hurt my family by beating them with your whips. My women are unmercifully sexually contaminated by you and your people. My body blisters all over because of the cruel treatment and tortured physical labor that you have induced upon me. My children are terribly starved and sick from uncared for diseases. In my homeland you have taken full authority and made your self at home. My relatives are starving and sickly, and you don't even care. If I try to get used to your world and try to help make a better living I don't hardly get credit. And you have the gall to say the black man is a free man. All this time in your backyard I was blinded, but now I realize that you are the true radical racist that you claim not to be. I have been abused, and you have made me angry. Get Out! This is my home and I don't want you here and if you don't leave, I assure you there will be ways and means of putting you out, and that's from the hearts. GET OUT NOW!!!! OR ELSE!!!



"The Strange Case of Pvt George"

Look at this black lifers, you "Negroes." Look at this White, progressive "sub-culture" I have uncovered a crime against humanity, and a crime against a Black man. This should serve to give you a good look at the "system." The system that we constantly harp about. There is a PVT Curtis George of Sig Cen who is emotionally unprepared to adjust to military life, he was from the beginning. He has been in the army over a year (with 1 1/2 to go) and has run up a string of Article 15s for petty offenses like "failure repair" AWOL, missing formations and extra duty, nothing really outrageous but enough to point him out as being emotionally unprepared for military life. Result: he is now AWOL, without money, a minimum of food, desperate, and fast approaching the desertion stage. Afraid to return out of fear of pre-trial confinement and not wanting to desert, his is a problem that no one should have. PVT George, should never have been inducted into the military. He has this problem all because of emotional dissent against a system that oppresses him as a human being, as a black man and as a soldier. When PVT George regained his composure with the help and urging of his UBS brothers the pigs tried to send him somewhere near the Black Sea in Turkey and he reacted the same way he had countless times before – EMOTIONALLY. Who is to blame? I say it is the system and it should be destroyed. I ask how can you black lifers "go by the book" on this one? I say that PVT George is destined for jail and/or a 212. I say that I question the value of a system that destroys a human being in this manner.

"Prince of Africa"

"The Soul of a Black Man Speaks"

A continuous struggle goes on within me day after day. As I begin to get ready for work, I wonder what perils await me in the "DEN OF DEVILS". Hardly ever am I referred to by my name. My LN immediate "BOSS" usually addresses me as "HEY MAN". Most of the time I go on as if whatever he said doesn't concern me, but then other times I glance back and keep walking. He knows this bothers me, and yet continues to harrass me in this manner. Now that this has gone on daily, I strike back, and I get the feeling I'm not only fighting him, but the others in my office also that never address me in that particular manner but continue to constantly remind me not to forget this or don't forget that, and even go on to say "please don't forget". Drilling in my mind, more and more the falsifying teaching drilled into their minds down through the generations. I can tell how interested the others are in my conversation, by the way the quietness seems to set in when I speak. Sometimes I wonder, am I a guinea pig for them to study. It seems that way. Then I laugh, because I know there is no way to really know how blackness unless you are black. The Minstrel says blackness goes far beyond silly skin pigmentation, it enters the very soul of existence in this LILY WHITE SOCIETY. Through PRIDE I am forced to be a revolutionary. As I awake each morning I step out the door waiting for the first attack, knowing the outcome means nothing to the DEVILS.

Therefore to face the struggle daily makes me stronger and wiser, I hear a voice in the distance telling me to keep on, today will make the difference, awaken my black brothers, your very soul beckons thee.


Editor's Note: These are the same types of petty-ass hassles damn near every brother has to go through, but now each and every pig will be exposed, and these hassles eliminated in the struggle for liberation.



It's come to my attention that two high officers in UBS had the much desire opportunity to explore the minds of two of the black MA's at Patton Lounge. They are both lifers (Sp5-8 Years) (SSG-4Years) and they are both anti-UBS. It has always been a complete mystery to me, why any black could be anti-UBS. This can possibly be attributed to the beautiful job the pigs have done on our black people. It even forces you to respect an enemy of this nature. Here are two young blacks who realize they are not free, and when someone comes along saying "we have the answer" they run like scared dogs. These two are so polluted with the pigs manure until they think the world of what really is a chauffers job. It's a menial task and they both prize the hell of out of their "jobs". We say name one act of violence on UBS", they say "nothing". We say, "hasn't the army lied continuously about discrimination," they say "yes". We didn't realize the TOTAL effect of the "job" the man has done on some brothers until this incident. It's said after the admissions they ran from the truth the brothers of UBS had to offer them. It seems they will devote all their free time to scheming on how to get german "Bar Flies" into bed. Its sad the Fraulein trash sees them as dancing monkies and sex machines, not men. The head-pigs you drive for, see you as servants and mental midgets. We see you as fools and a willing tool of the Number 1 Uncle Tom at Patton SFC ODISS SWEET. We are saying that you don't understand enough about manhood to say to your son "be a man". We say you are mixed-up and confused when you commit yourself to a system that you freely admit has completely disregarded your freedom as men, and soldiers for over 400 years." We say you are fools and lackeys when you refuse a hand of sincere brotherhood. We say look around you, the world is on the other side of the mountain.

So the lost black sheep continue to wander, going here and there, ending up going absolutely nowhere"

xxxxxxThe Minstrelxxxxxxxxx

"Anatomy of the Pig"

The foundation is set, and concrete gets hard fast. Beware pig! The chopping block is ready; the axe is sharp, and my pet Panther is hungry, of course he prefers Fat Pigs.

You have stuffed your guttonous belly with cries of the EM, and have refused to hear them. Your lips are greasy from the continuous harrassment you hand out each day. Your minds have been poisoned by the babbling brooks of Sodom & Gommorro, where the trees brought forth bitter fruit, and the rivers flow continually with deceit.

Sodom & Gommorro fell, as you will fall, your heads will be chopped off by the axe of justice for your acts of Racist injustices, for your handworks of political values have failed to reach the people therefore they are of no help to us, except to be churned up and fed to the dogs.


Today, with all the troubles,
     problems and few rewards
It seems that it is just like a
     desperate game of cards.

Each suit is a symbol of the
     people and their races.
With the lower as the majority
     and the pigs as the aces.

Take diamonds, for instance,
     which represent the most valueable signs
And also the rich white folks –
     (the devilish swines!)

They seem to be common, and go
     unnoticed with their pale skin
But all the time, they make
     profits from their sins

Because of this, they think
     that they are the masters
But others know that they
     are really evil bastards.

Now, the clubs and spades
     are both black together
But clubs represent the
     Uncle Toms and fair - weathers.

They supply the diamonds
     with their every wanton greed
In order to obtain their
     own personal need.

Diamonds treat clubs as friend
     being nice
When clubs are being
     used as sacrifice.

Hearts are the two-timers
     who loves the black clubs
By dating and romancing
     only in false love.

Yes, like diamonds, they are pale
     and their loves in vain
But clubs are too dumb to
     realize the pain

Now, spades, on the other hand
     to whom clubs are related
Are the suit that everyone
     has underestimated.

They will stand up for what
     to them is due
And demand to be treated
     as humans are supposed to.

With all the suits of
     clubs and hearts,
and with spades and diamonds,
     the game will start.

Like a terrible war
     the game will end
The poor will lose
     and the spades will win.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.



Say Man whats going on? Germany is still in once piece, we haven't turned it out yet! But we are still doing our thing, dig it Brother. All of Germany is together now! The Black Man can now begin to feel at least a united sincere effort to put an end to the blessed, prejudiced and naively-bigoted Military System. Each and every Brother may not understand all the principles involved in every confrontation that we have with the Pigs but they sense a strong determination on the part of the few grass-roots brothers, the hard core few that do the basic necessary dirty work and accept all of the risks and consequences but never the credit for the positive results of all of their sacrifices. Not one of us can see all there is to see in any issue, but what we Black Men in Germany are doing is to isolate the Human Principles in any given issue and work on these. Drive these into our Black Brothers and when we are strong enough, to counterattack the PIGS on principles for which they have no defense.

How can a Black Man survive 500 years of total absolute brutal prejudices, mentally and emotionally as well as physically? We have come too far and have been oppressed too long. While Oppressors cannot even begin to imagine what lies in store for them in the future if they continue to hammer away at the Black Man's mind. You see there was a time when the Black man received extreme physical brutality and would mentally accept it as being the way things were. But Now, Dig it People, the end is coming soon for all of those unaware Pigs who in the Past had felt that it was a way of life to torture the Black People.

Today, Young, Militant and Strong Black Men will not receive any, not even the smallest piece of mental racism and in turn will retaliate Physical Violence, with Extermination of the Oppressing Pig.

Being the Militants that we are we ask no quarters, but Pigs, rest assured we sure as hell won't give any!

"The time is late – and the situation is desperate"

"Nat Turner"

"All of our people have the same goals, the same objectives. That objective is Freedom, Justice, Equality, to be respected as Human Beings."

Malcolm X


Shakedown, PO Box 68, Wrightstown NJ
VIETNAM GI, PO Box 9273, Chicago Ill. 60690
Task Force, 2001 Milvia St., Berkeley, Calif. 94704
THE BOND, 56 5th Ave, Room 63, New York NY 100010
GI Voice, Box 825, Stuyvesant Station, New York, N.Y. 10009
FED UP, Box 414, Tacoma Wash. 98409
Bragg Briefs, Box 437, Spring Lake N.C.
K. Kroger, 1 Berlin 30, Munchener Strabe 9
Next Step c/o S.C. Post Box 2441 6FFM
BLACK RAGE, Wekkcoot 74 Karlsruhe
Fifth Estate, 1107 W. Warren Detroit, Michigan
B.B. P. Box 2967, Custom House San Francisco, Calif. 94126

If there is any criticism on any articles in this newspaper, "The Peoples" Paper, don't hesitate to send them. "In Order to solve the problems you must get to the heart of the matter." ---Mail your comments to

Politische Buchhandlung, J. Burkhardt
"A'bout Face"
69 Heidelberg, Schiffgasse 3 (If you come by personally, refer to "A.F.")

"The opinions expressed in this paper are the one's of the Editors and should not be constructed as the opinions of the Army, Department of Defense, or the Armed Forces at large, and the lies spread by the Army, Department of Defense and it's agent should not be viewed as those of the Editors."

This paper will stay in existence as long as you support it physically, mentally and "Financially". We urgently need your help. Please mail contributions to the paper address in care of the paper.


Black GIs: for assistance in organizing, publicity, legal advice, etc. Contact:
UBS - Heidelberg
BDG - Karlaruhe
BAG - Stuttgart
BUS - Karlaruhe
BIG - Mannhiem

or send letter to: About Face, Polit. Buchland. Schiffgasse 3, 69 Heidelberg, or to: The Next Step

Druck: Caro – Kleinoffsetdruck

69 Heidelberg 1

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