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About Face. Heidelberg, Germany: Unsatisfied Black Soldiers, 2(1), January 15, 1971.

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Vol. 2     No. 1     15 January 71

U.B.S. (Unsatisfied Black Soldiers)



AR 381-135 (D): Unit commanders shall further insure that there is no interference with the U.S. mail and that every individual under his command has the right to read and retain commercial publications for his own personal use.


Source: About Face. Heidelberg, Germany: Unsatisfied Black Soldiers, 2(1), January 15, 1971.



I am a Black man and I have been engaged in the Pig pen for almost a year. The main and only reason I was put in this boundage is like the other 306 Black prisoners, when you speak up or defend yourself, you are a threat to the Pig Power structure so you have to be separated from the outside world as long as possible. There have been thousands of political prisoners of war who at one time experienced this torture chamber built especially for the Black man.

On March 2, 1970, I was railroaded into this pig pen for helping my Black people and trying to escape the slave hold in which I was in. During this time I have seen and encountered many things that the Pigs have up their sleeves for oppressing and brutalizing the Black man's mind and body. I have seen some of my Black brothers crack up and even die in this pig pen, and the same question enters my mind, when will there be a sop to this Genocide against the Blacks and people of color? Don't any of my Black sisters and brothers know and if they know then why don't they help us eliminate this place and people like Mr. Charles and his underdogs the Toms. On March 13, 1970, my brothers and I tried to stop this pigs plan by rioting, but with the little weapons we had we finally lost. It is hard fighting a war with razor blades, dust pans, trash cans, boots, shoe brushes, and your hands and feet. When you are up against night sticks, gas, waterhoses, guns, and the odds of 50 to 1, but with a little support from the outside world we would soon have won the battle, but until then we will continue to fight back with what we have. Remember, where there is a will there is a way. On March 15, there were 10 brothers who were in the stockade that were able to move around and function for the other brothers who were herded into the box. The box is a room with a toilet bowl and a sink, the size of the room is six feet long and four feet wide, not fit for one man to live. There were nine to ten people cramped in one cell, 18 cells altogether with no clothes, no beds, and water up to their ankles. Many were hurt, sick, and worried about what would happen to them next.

Well it happened on th 2nd of April, they were poisoned with rat poisoning, falling out like flies. On May 8, at least 170 Black brothers were sent to Frankfurt concentration camp, herded on a cattle truck with hand cuffs and shankles. Some not able to stand the situation because of starvation, wounds, and various illnesses. Where were our brothers and sisters when we really needed them, their support. Right now many people still do not know what happened to their families, husbands, and love ones here in Germany, especially in the concentration camps. On April 27, I was refused medical attention there in Mannheim, until I was sent to Frankfurt. Yes, I bleed internally for two weeks, when I urinated it was full of blood. My stomach was in severe pain, and for a long while I could not eat and when I did I usually threw it back up. It was not until May 17, when I finally received treatment, and even then I was never completely cured. During this period, I saw at least 12 doctors. They all gave me the run around and told me different lies. I received statements from fellow brothers and even some white guards that my medical condition was bad and that several doctors refused me proper aid. I tried to let as many people know what was happening to me as well as many other brothers that were in boundage, but the pigs over here hushed everything up. Some times my mail never reached its destination. Why I do not know but I can imagine.

Frankfurt concentration camp is a special camp for the Blacks. An all maximum security stockade not fit for rats, roaches, or even bats to live in. We could not smoke, shower, and we could use the toilet only 3 times a day. We were fed slop and confined to one cell the size of the box in Mannheim. The camp in Frankfurt has been on the condemned list for 3 years but the pigs continue to use this hazardous place. The floors have enormous holes in them, water from unserviceable pipes up to your ankles, the walls are nasty, pumping rusty, and the odor unbearable. As long as nothing is really done about this place the pigs will continue to use this rat house as a death trap for the Black prisoners of war. It is a shame to listen to your brothers moaning and yelling, watching them suffer and not being able to help them. All you can do is talk or cry because you felt the same pain and can't even help yourself.

On 3 October a brother was sent to the box for attempting to escape. He had to starve for 14 days. On July 15, a mass conspiracy was planned by white racist guards and prisoners of Mannheim against 4 brothers. While eating in the mess hall, a white prisoner went to the table of the Blacks and deliberately threw a glass of milk on them, then ran to the gym. There were a large number of white pigs armed with night sticks, knives, and razor blades waiting to attack the four brothers. The brothers were charged with assault and sent to Frankfurt concentration camp. While the pigs are still walking around Mannheim today, and nothing is said or done to them.

Since I have been in this boundage over here in Germany I have seen and been through a lot but this is just a few of the things I want to write about. Someday I will be able to tell my brothers and sisters more about such places as Frankfurt, Nurnberg, and Mannheim and how my Black brothers are being treated mentally and physically. Uncle Sam should be taken to court and charged with Genocide, mass murder of millions, economic murder, political murder, mental murder, and social murder.

I know that we as young Blacks must unite our thoughts and actions, because this brings about organization and understanding. I know that by being in this boundage in which these facist, racial pigs have impounded us is just another attempt to hold us back from showing our true abilities as Black men.




U.B.S. is an awakening of Black G.I.'s to combat a crime so long committed against Black men, women, and children; by the racist pig of America. A crime in which Black men have endured for over four-hundred years. The crime being "the lack of the right to have Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The very thing promised to us under the Constitution of the United States of America. The racist Pigs of America not only confined this crime to the union, but have spread this disease for abroad; that a Black man in the United States Army should come over 3,000 miles from America and receive the same treatment, by a lesser power. The rights that should be ours from birth have been restricted to us as Black men and women. We suffer the problem of being called Niggers, of being refused admission to clubs in downtown Heidelberg, and husbands and wives suffer the grave problems of finding housing in Germany economy because of the Pig-infested propoganda. We say down with this system that permits such genocidal crimes against a people that built America out of its own sweat and blood, by the hand of the White Pig slavemaster, and overseer. No longer will we stand aside and let this Pig use us to his whims and fight a war in the name of freedom, and freedom is not ours to enjoy in America; to die for a country whose people are so brainwashed into believing such things, to die for a country that requires a court decision for a Viet-Nam veteran to be buried in a white pig cemetary. To be refused the right to be Black men in White America. Pigs have created a monster, capable of destroying you and your Capitalist system. A monster whose awakening has been long overdue. What will you do? Yield or be killed. Re-orientate your people or die in the process of building your prejudice society.

We of U.B.S., B.A.G., B.U.S., and B.I.G. say, "Wake up America before it is too late." The time is desperate. The Sentence is "DEATH!!!!!!!!"





What does it take to make a Negro understand that he is being used by the racist Pigs in the evil injustices against his own people? How long can he turn his back and convince himself that everything will "cool down" if he waits long enough? How can he allow himself to be brainwashed into thinking that white sluts are the most beautiful creatures walking this man's earth? What can be done to make him recognize his color and race as an equal and not the inferior? You could beat him over the head and damn near kill him trying to knock some sense in his thick skull. But you would only get a badly beaten thick skulled fool. Or you can sit down and discuss what has happened, what can be done, how he is involved, and what will happen if he does not react. But this has been tried and you still only get an ignorant, dense-minded Nigger! So the only alternative is to eliminate these "colored traitors." Yes they must be dealt with just as well as the pigs because they are the Pig's flunkies. "If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem." And the problem must be solved NOW!!!!!!!!!


Down to lay me down to sleep
I pray to FREEDOM my soul to rise
FREEDOM now for his to keep
Racist pig I do despise –

Save me from this racist threat
Help me love my people so,
My people's FREEDOM, I've not seen yet,
Racism and injustices have got to go.

Let me fight with FREEDOM's might
Make those Pigs reap just what they sow,
For you my God are the guiding light,
and on you I can depend for this I know

And when I die, please let it end,
and FREEDOM to my people, send!!


Source: About Face. Heidelberg, Germany: Unsatisfied Black Soldiers, 2(1), January 15, 1971.


(An Article You Can Identify With!)

Black men of "USAREUR", have you ever sat down with the blues on certain nights, when you found yourself unable to do anything about the depression you feel in your heart? How many mornings have you awaken to the sound of happy pig feets pattering down the hall to your room, and for some reason, it makes you mad because you know they are coming to get you up from a peaceful sleep to serve them once more, and serve them you shall. (OR THEY WILL PUT YOU IN JAIL!!)

Why the depression on these very elusive nights? Why the anger on these certain mornings? The depression of lonliness, (you know damn well you just can not get over in this country don't you?) What's happening back home BLACK MAN?) (What about ANGELA? What about your city? What about your life? What about your identity???) One thing is for damn sure, the Stars and Stripes will not tell you!!! (Have you ever read "REVOLUTIONARY NOTES" by Julius Lester???) The rage and anger, why do you feel violent when you find yourself in a group of "GRASS ROOT" Brother? (Why do you get mad when the nationals tell you you can't go in their clubs? Why do they stare at you when you go downtown, but won't associate with you? Why do you get mad when you realize that the pigs and rabbits in your unit are using you and making a fool of you, and all along they slap you on the back and talk about how prejudice they aren't)

BLACK MAN, somebody put the word out on you, (THE PIGS), and they told everybody in the world!

And EVERY word was a LIE!!!!!

The rage,/the depression,/the rage,/the depression,/the rage,/the depression, it develops into a rhythm, each beat forming a bar, and each bar falling just inches away from the last, forming a cage. A cage to contain you, BLACK MAN!!! A cage made up of your emotions!! A cage you yourself created. There is only one escape,--------one escape, IDENTITY, YOUR IDENTITY, Your BLACK identity. Who are you? Where did you come from? Where are you? Where are you going from here? What are you doing now? What can you do now???????



For four-hundred and fifty years Black men and women have waited for America to wake-up and start treating us like human beings. This is young Black America rapping to you now. Black Panthers, Communist, Out-side agitators, whatever you decide to call us means nothing. But if you continue to ignore to us, and if we must be all that for America to wake-up then that well be. But don't fool yourself America today has been long in the making. A lot of innocent people are about to be killed, because your mighty power structure refuses to live up to their constitution. Yeah, this racist system of yours is about to be stopped dead in its tracks.

We've let you brainwash our people, but you've kept us in line long enough, now we demand our FREEDOM!! We are not on our knees praying like our parents and grandparents did; we are ready to deal with our oppressor. Color has no bearing, the White Pigs are not all we will feed to our Panther, but also the Neo-Colonialist Uncle Toms.

The revolution is in full swing. What are you going to do? Kill us all off, yeah, a lot of your people are going to die too, all because of you. Believe it or not, "There will be freedom for everyone, or there will be freedom for no one." So you think Niggers are scared of revolution, huh?


Tid-Bits of News

A new year brings no peace. We will continue our fight to end racism and if it happens we will expose it here.


The year is new and the racism continues. Especially in the fighting 529th MP CO. Is it the pressure? Surely, you do not think 9 brothers will ruin the Honor Guard. I don't! Why the sudden move on them, like the uncaused shipouts. Why not be a man and racist, tell them you don't want them. I will be they would leave. They know that our fight is in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Georgia, etc...

The new year also see a change in the clubs. The head nigger (old man Sweet) has gotten ousted from his custodian's position and got some kid for a boss, maybe now he will see even they think he is stupid. "I do."

Now that the 529th has been looked at let us dig on the 503rd and their Nigger Pig. To you SSG Taylor we warn you lay off the young brothers who are full of spirit. To take sides with racism is worse than racism so I warn you to STOP!!!!!

Who do the fools of HDBG SIG OPNS BN (PROV think they are fooling by this sudden promotion of brothers. It will not break their spirit, and to promote a brother 3 days before his ETS is just plain ridiculous, a slap in the face to our good sense. We have seen your attitude long before now and even a token commander will not fool us, for we have seen GEN Myer railroad brother Franklin to jail and we know if he had a chance a lot more of STRATCOM would go, and we already know that real decisions come from higher up than a NEGRO Commander!

To the head Pig of USAREUR we encourage you to bring an immediate halt to the pacification programs and bull shit investigation committees. We tell you today that chittlings are not all we want. To hell with AFRO Sheen. Human rights and an end to racism is what we the Black soldiers of USARUER demand. We are no longer willing to except substitutes for FREEDOM!!! We want the real thing. We want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

To the new first Sergeant of CO A. We welcome a brother in your position even though we realize that to have reached this position you must be a pig, but now in dawn of awakening you too my first sergeant brother can wake up. You too can aid the call of liberation. We beg of you not to continue your misguided life. Stand up now and be a man!!!!!

We take direct insult toward TASCOM's and the 548th's recent show of outright racism and lack of interest in human beings. By the immediate and unjust shipping out of all the Black brothers here on TDY who showed there awareness. ARE YOU PIGS REALLY THAT AFRAID!!!!?????? If so, then you too must realize your crimes against humanity. I say to you Blackness is like a virus, it can not be stop nor controlled and the only cure is FREEDOM from oppression and an end to racism.

We welcome the new CO of CO B. USAREUR & 7TH Army. We hope the racism in the company left with CPT VAUGHN. We know that there are women Pigs too (SOWS) but we will wait to judge but if a sow you are then in the same manner as male pigs you too will be dealt with.

To CPT Jefferson, You too are Black so do not forget it, not only EM but officers too must take up the struggle for it take all of us to liberate our people. Brothers, no longer want only to play basketball, they now want to play the game of life of which FREEDOM is the key piece of equipment, we want our; don't you?

BEWARE big time pigs of SP TRPS GP, have seen thru the camuflage; the eyes of UBS are on you. I would advise you walk the straight and narrow. Compromise is not the answer. FREEDOM is our goal and nothing less will be excepted.



To our President, who sits in the White House, we cherish thy name. Thy kingdom come in Vietnam, in Korea, in Cambodia, as it is in America. Give us this day the atomic bomb, napalm to keep all non-whites on their knees; To let them know white people are the supreme beings. Forgive us our liberalism as we carry out they holy deeds. Lead us not into temptation, as to believing all people are created equal, for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever. AMEN!!



the editor


Unsatisfied Black Soldiers is a group of brothers and sisters here in Heidelberg Germany, Patton Barracks who after years of being oppressed by the racist system in America got together under the leadership of Brother Sam Berry who had just come from Vietnam, where he had seen "our racist system at work." Under his guidance, we on April 14, 1970, started a political awareness program designed to "hip" brothers and sisters coming to Germany to the propogandized Republic of Germany. I say propogandized because the American racist system has spread its filth and brainwash even to the people of Germany. Serving your country over here in Germany you face the same attitude that you do in America, being dehumanized and treated unjustly simply for being Black. We do not say that all whites are pigs don't fool yourself, brother there are quite a few down grassroot comrades that have white skin. So beware of yourself and your brothers. We know that without the masses of the people a revolution can not be successful. Remember, we are only two-tenth of the American population, but to say that too is to say this, if we are unable to reach the masses of the people because of the brainwashing procedures of the American system have been too successful and if they won't wake-up the revolution will go on.

A pig is a pig is a pig no matter the color of his skin. As the pigs spreaded his propoganda about the Panthers hating whites they have started this same rumor about U.B.S. We do not have white people but we do hate and will kill anyone who refuses us our rights.

I am asked what is worth killing for. I will tell you "We will kill for Black people's freedom from a racist rule, for oppressed whites, who too will join the revolution along with the millions of Black people who are unsatisfied with the system. Let us not forget the other nationalities the Chinese Americans, the Japanese American, and Mexican Americans, for they too suffer the same exploitation, but it seems as though nothing is being heard from them. SPEAK UP NOW COMRADES, or have you forgotten your pride, your people who died when the English, the Irish, the Spainards, the Portugese, and French came and took their land from them and brutally murdered your forefathers. What about you Japanese Americans, it seems as though America has already conquered your spirits, are you beaten, tided down like a dog, or maybe you do not see it because of skin pigmentation and straight hair for this you fit in the "great melting pot of American Society," but only superficially, for they still will not except none other than themselves. So I make a plee to oppressed people all over the states, here in Germany and the world to end this racism and exploitation of your Black comrades.

The problem has been now brought to light, it is in the hands of the people, and to this I say, "Stand and snatch your liberation cause unless you do the Pigs will hold it forever."



Your enemy knows no respect for you. He mockingly calls you by the term "men," but he feels only himself to be the real man. All others that he has control of, he regards as either idiots or babies; and those who he cannot control, he calls criminals and savages. And just as he would give an idiot or a baby a pacifier to keep them satisfied, he gives you more Ebony magazines, Jets, natural hair spray, more soul music at the service club, E.M. Club, the NCO Club; or a bowing shuffling, boot-licking black general on AFN to keep you cool when you need to be as hot as hellfires. All that shit he uses as pacifiers to keep his babies cool. And many brothers go for that simple con-game.

He even allows you to protest for civil-rights, because he knows that in Babylon in America, brothers and other righteous revolutionaries are doing the "real thing", and he does not want you down with that over there. He lets you protest "now" for what those beautiful brothers fighting at home now fought for in the fifties and sixties. They did not get anywhere with that civil-rights crap during the times that they fought for it then; that is why they have taken all of it to a higher level. And when they fought for civil-rights during those years, the military had Black brothers hung up on some other shit, lagging behind in some time that had come and gone, had them buck-dancing in a vacuum. The struggle is not for civil-rights, brothers. It is for human rights.

Most of the shit he gives you is just that. SHIT!! JIVE!! Except for a few good books, too impressive to keep hidden, such as "Soul On Ice," "Malcolm X Speaks," and perhaps some of the works of Frantz Fanon; all that other shit like Ebony, Jet, that black general on AFN, and military guided race-relations meetings, and all that counter-revolutionary crap, serves to make you pacified. And enslaved to the system he has laid down for you to exist in.

He has probably even attempted to use whatever good books you have excess to, to try and con you with. We can hear him now: "Oh, I read Soul On Ice. It was just wonderfully written, talented, enlightening, shocking. Eldridge Cleaver is a credit to your people...." -- hoping that you will grin and feel proud and look upon him as your friend, who you can talk about anything with. Do not fall for that shit brothers. And as for you other progressive brothers, he looks upon you in a similar way. You are, to him, a tool to be used for his ends.

Brothers...., we have a righteous and real thing going back in Babylon. We see ourselves moving ever close to a real and genuine liberation. Your younger brothers and sisters are doing it. Even some of your parents are doing it. And they are going to expect you to get down with it too, when you get back. So, you might as well get down, now!!!




We are supporters of the Black Liberation struggle in Babylon, and in support of the Black Panther Party Solidarity Committee. We were there because we had expected our sister, Kathleen Cleaver, to be there and show solidarity for our brother, Bobby Seale, a political prisoner in Babylon. We are proletarian internationalists, showing solidarity with all our comrades in the struggle in all parts of the world.

Why didn't the Communications Secretary of the Black Panther Party have the right to come here and inform the Black GIs, in particular and the masses of the German people in general, of the trial of Bobby Seale - Chairman of the Black Panther Party? We know the answer. We don't see that government trying to hinder the right of free travel to their Race Relations Investigation Committee who are nothing but lackeys and apologist for the most barbaric government in the spectrum of history-imperialist America, responsible for the aggression against the people of Indo-China, Africa, Latin America, and against Blacks and all oppressed people in America.

But this shit has gone too far and must stop now! It is an insult not only to our intelligence but to our Black manhood when we are kept from receiving a message from our Sister Kathleen Cleaver just because she speaks the truth.

Some one must, you Pigs surely don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FREE ANGELA !!!!!!!!!!!


If we worry about what's going to happen to us, we couldn't accomplish anything...... Justice is gonna come when the mass of GIs rise up and see justice done....... The more they try to come down on us, the more we'll expose them for what they are.........PIGS!


Roy Wilkins undoubtedly should have starred in the "LOST MAN" I can understand his disillusion, after existing on planet earth as long as he has, then finding out you were only fooling yourself about freedom extremely hard to take. I think if there is a term "Black Militant" it should apply to him. Most of his articles I've read point to one factor, he's trying to justify his existence and ask for credit for what he has accomplished. I respect him honestly for his accomplishments, they have shown more of today's organizations a closer remedy to the ageless problem. He is fighting for identity but he is confused about his enemy. I can understand that because it is obvious he is confused about himself. I should think to know ones self is of prime importance today, for instance, what is a Negro American, we speak of Black people, oppressed people, not Negroes, we say Black in particular, because we are black, but we also state very clearly, "POWER TO ALL THE PEOPLE," for what else matters. I think this ancient warrior is trying to say that Negroes are not the only ones in trouble, he is saying we must look at others suffering, then we must do as he has, organize a body of people, and beg for more crumbs, and ignore the fact that whatever we want, we must ask a pig who has used outright violence and crime to control all material wealth. We must be loyal to this thief, who controls God given rights, humanity, who exploits everything he touches, who uses ignorant old Niggers as house niggers to keep his own people separate, this is what you are doing. Fools, that is the separatist movement, you senile ass beggars, cowards, Black capitalists, and traitors to your own people. You are doing that with your NAACP. I caution you, step slowly do not be the first Nigger the pigs use to block the young revolutionary spirit. You are committing a human crime, blocking human spirit. Do not become a serious part of the problem, take your foot off the hands of time and awaken or you may sleep forever. The American dream is over. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!



It is the policy of this paper to expose the racist-military clique for what they are. Down through the years black GIs have never had a voice to speak their true opinion. To that we say "no more". This paper through your support will express your opinion to the "utmost". Whether Gen. Polk on down like it or not. We say the "hell" with you. As we stated in a previous edition we will expose the racists for what they are. As the struggle intensifies there will be stronger repressive measures, again we say "no matter how hard you try you can't stop us now". This paper will try to express true opinions of dependents, GIs, civilians etc. (Not just the head pigs).

The editorial staff of this paper is well aware of the situation at hand, the necessity of the matters, the urgency of this paper. We see ourselves as the vanguards of the revolutionary struggle in Germany. Being human we understand that we are fallible, but we demand "zero defect" in our work. "Now" is the "time" to "seize" the "time" in essence, "in order to solve the problem you must get to the heart of the matter".

"The man who has the right to define is master of the situation."


A down brother


Shakedown, PO Box 68, Wrightstown NJ
VIETNAM GI, PO Box 9273, Chicago Ill. 60690
Task Force, 2001 Milvia St., Berkeley, Calif. 94704
THE BOND, 56 5th Ave, Room 63, New York NY 100010
GI Voice, Box 825, Stuyvesant Station, New York, N.Y. 10009
FED UP, Box 414, Tacoma Wash. 98409
Bragg Briefs, Box 437, Spring Lake N.C.
K. Kroger, 1 Berlin 30, Munchener Strabe 9
Next Step c/o S.C. Post Box 2441 6FFM
BLACK RAGE, Wekkcoot 74 Karlsruhe
Fifth Estate, 1107 W. Warren Detroit, Michigan
B.B. P. Box 2967, Custom House San Francisco, Calif. 94126

If there is any criticism on any articles in this newspaper, "The Peoples" Paper, don't hesitate to send them. "In Order to solve the problems you must get to the heart of the matter." ---Mail your comments to

Politische Buchhandlung, J. Burkhardt
"A'bout Face"
69 Heidelberg, Schiffgasse 3 (If you come by personally, refer to "A.F.")

"The opinions expressed in this paper are the one's of the Editors and should not be constructed as the opinions of the Army, Department of Defense, or the Armed Forces at large, and the lies spread by the Army, Department of Defense and it's agent should not be viewed as those of the Editors."

This paper will stay in existence as long as you support it physically, mentally and "Financially". We urgently need your help. Please mail contributions to the paper address in care of the paper.


Black GIs: for assistance in organizing, publicity, legal advice, etc. Contact:
UBS - Heidelberg
BDG - Karlaruhe
BAG - Stuttgart
BUS - Karlaruhe
BIG - Mannhiem

or send letter to: About Face, Polit. Buchland. Schiffgasse 3, 69 Heidelberg, or to: The Next Step

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