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Ayres, B. Drummond Jr. "Job Outlook Bleak for Vietnam Veterans." New York Times, June 5, 1971, p. 1, 14.

This article points out the hardships facing returning Vietnam veterans who were hoping to re-enter the job market. While the situation was bad for all veterans (when compared with those who did not go to Vietnam) the situation was much worse for African-American veterans. Unemployment rates for the various groups are as follows: 1) Veterans ages 20-29 overall (10%) 2) Non-veterans ages 20-29 overall (8.4%) 3) African-American veterans aged 20-29 (15%) 4) African-American non-veterans aged 20-29 (13%) 5) Veterans under 24 years old overall (14%) 6) Non-veterans under 24 years old overall (10%) 7) African-American veterans under the age of 24 (21%) 8) African-American non-veterans under the age of 24 (17%).

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