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"Black War Veterans Planning a Coalition to Press Demands." New York Times, August 29, 1971, p. 7.

At a metting held at Columbia University, Byron Foster of the New York-based United Black Veterans of America, announced plans for a national coalition of black and other minority group veterans to seek more educational, employment, and medical facilities for discharged servicemen. The purpose of the group was to bring attention to the issues faced by an increasing number of African-American veterans who returned home only to find unemployment and a lack of support on the part of the American people. Mr. Foster stated, "It ought to be kept in mind that we weren't among those who said 'Hell no, we won't go!' We did go and fight but when we came out we discovered that America did not seem to recognize our role in fighting for her, as is evidenced by the lack of fair and equal opportunities for black veterans."

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