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Source: "The Bus Is Coming" (1971). Directed by Wendell Franklin. K-Calb. 109 min. The Bus Is Coming

(1971). Directed by Wendell Franklin. K-Calb. 109 min.

This film details the return of Billy Mitchell, an African-American Vietnam War veteran. Upon his return to his Watts neighborhood, he finds his brother, a member of a black militant organizations called the Black Fists, has been killed by two racist police officers. This movie follows the internal struggle Billy faces as he is caught between the voices of black militarism and moderation.

The following conversation takes place after a police car has been firebombed. Billy is purposefully, but incorrectly, picked up for the crime by the cops who had killed his brother. The following exchange between Billy's girlfriend (Tanya) and her brother (Michael), the leader of the Black Fists, occurs after this incident.

Tanya: If you let Billy take the blame, you're no better than the pigs that killed his brother.

Michael: Now wait a minute. Have you forgotten how I got this? Did you see all his ribbons? Well, did you see 'em?

Tanya: Yeah, I saw 'em.

Michael: Ten thousand miles away he got 'em. I think they called it Vietnam. Well the fool doesn't have one legitimate enemy there. Oh what a tiger he must have been. But right here, right here in his own back yard where his enemy is everywhere and his little black brothers and sisters can't ride ten blocks to go to a better school, he's a damn pussy cat. I say let his ass rot in jail.

Tanya: But I say no.

Michael: What's the matter with you? I'm your brother remember? Remember me? Remember me sister?

Tanya: Yeah, and I love you enough to die for you and I love Billy too. What do you want me to say? Forget him? Is that what you want?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah! That's exactly what I want, forget him!

Tanya: Well I won't. What's the matter with you Michael? Has all the heart gone out of you?

Michael: You're damn right.

Tanya: I don't believe you.

Michael: Well who needs heart and what did it ever do for Billy's brother?

Tanya: Then why do you feed those little black kids the way you do? And besides if momma and poppa were alive what do you think they would say?
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