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Clinton, James W. The Loyal Oppossition: Americans in North Vietnam, 1965-1972. Niwot, Colorado: University Press of Colorado, 1995.

This publication attempts to document United States citizens who had traveled to Vietnam during the American portion of the conflict. Among those who went to Vietnam are a group of African-Americans listed below. Each of these people was interviewed by the author and present their unique views on not only the war but also the country of Vietnam and its people.
  • Michael Myerson. P. 7-9.
  • Harold Supriano. P. 10-11.
  • Herbert Aptheker. P. 12-24.
  • Julius Lester. P. 77-87.
  • John Pairman Brown. P. 111-117.
  • Appendix: U.S. Citizens Who Traveled to North Vietnam, 1965-1972. P. 287-295.
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