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"Viet Troops Urged to Emulate Negroes, Rise Up." Liberation Radio (Clandestine) in Vietnamese to South Vietnam. September 30, 1967.

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Liberation Radio (Clandestine) in Vietnamese to South Vietnam 1300 GMT 30 Sep 67 S

[Commentary: "The examples of the American Negroes' struggle are inciting you to rise up to struggle for democratic freedom"]

[Text] As of today the struggle of the American Negroes continues to cause U.S. authorities to become more confused. According to AFP and UPI, on 3 September thousands of American Negroes of Milwaukee paraded through the streets in protest against the repression, exploitation, and racial discrimination policy of the authorities. This was the seventh day that American Negroes of this city had demonstrated against racial discrimination, in defiance of the U.S. authorities' order to ban demonstrations and the arrest of some 150 American Negroes. On 12 September, some 650 American Negroes of this city again demonstrated against discrimination in house rentals.

Recently, on 14 September, more than 400 American Negro youths held a meeting in the American Negroes' ghetto in Chicago, the second largest city of the United States, to protest against the illegal arrest of an American Negro girl. They distributed leaflets calling on all American Negroes in the United States to rise up and struggle. The reactionary authorities of this city mobilized a great police force, and with assistance from hooligans they attacked the American Negro youths and arrested a number of them. Just as in many other places, the American Negroes of this city firmly opposed the police force.

At present the situation in U.S. cities where many American Negroes live is growing very tense. The mayor of Milwaukee is greatly confused, as this city is threatened with a civil war. This revolt of the American Negroes, following others this summer, sharply bares the deceitful, oppressive, and exploitation policy of the capitalist leading circles and the segregationists in the United States.

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