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Source: Edwards, Grace F. The Viaduct: A Harlem Thriller. New York, NY: Doubleday, 2004. Edwards, Grace F. The Viaduct: A Harlem Thriller. New York, NY: Doubleday, 2004.

The following is from the inside jacket cover of The Viaduct: A Harlem Thriller:

Violence. Death. Despair. Suspense writer Grace F. Edwards presents a heart-stopping twister that follows the interconnecting lives of two shattered men. Marin Taylor, a Vietnam vet, is accosted one night on a Harlem viaduct. In the struggle, Marin throws one man to his death; the other flees after stabbing Marin and stealing his wallet. The two attackers were brothers, and Conroy, the brother who survives, vows to avenge his sibling's death. Marin survives the attack, but his injuries and the terror he experienced awaken graphic memories of an incident he was involved in four years earlier in Vietnam. He is still recuperating from the mugging when his newborn child is kidnapped from the hospital. Struggling with his own emotional turmoil and his wife's devastated reaction to the kidnapping, Marin must race against time to stop a deranged stalker from carrying out an act of deadly revenge.

As Marin searches for his missing child, Edwards brilliantly brings to life Harlem in the 1970s: the political figures, the local restaurants, nightclubs, dance halls, and the famous "3 B's of Harlem" — beauty parlors, barbershops, and bars. In her expert hands, readers are treated not only to gripping suspense but also to a richly detailed glimpse of Harlem's lively and complex history.

Edwards takes us on a spellbinding journey through dire streets and lost dreams. Readers will meet compelling characters who grapple with past demons and the uncertain present of shadowy Harlem nights.
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