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King's Journey: 1964 - April 4, 1967

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"Dr. King to Weigh Civil Disobedience if War Intensifies." New York Times, April 2, 1967, p. 1, 76.

In a preview of Martin Luther King's Riverside Church speech, given only two days after the article's publication (in fact the article has an announcement of the event), King spoke of his primary concerns with American involvement in Vietnam. In an interview with John Herbers of the New York Times while attending a S.C.L.C. Board of Directors meeting, he spoke of his fears of a third world war involving China, his moral obligation to oppose all forms of violence, and the draining of funds from social programs into the war machine. All were reiterated during the Riverside Church speech. In addition, King spoke of the shift in his strategy from strictly civil rights to a more radical notion of economic redistribution (including a guaranteed annual wage). "This, I feel, is much more difficult than the period we have gone through."

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