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White House. "Public Affairs Policy Committee for Vietnam." 1965.

Microfiche: 1985 Document #002910
Date Issued: August 30, 1965
Date Declassified: September 20, 1984
Length: 3 pages
NOT Sanitized


Public Affairs Policy Committee for Vietnam - Meeting of August 30, 1965
The White House
August 30, 1965
Memorandum for the Record
Public Affairs Policy Committee for Vietnam

Meeting of August 30

Chu Lai Problem
The President emphasized the Vietnamese military role at his press conference on August 23 and this point should be kept in mind in future releases.
(Action: All Agencies)

US Public Support on Vietnam
Steps should be taken to publicize the depth of US public support for the Vietnamese war effort both to blanket opposition voices in the US and to emphasize to Hanoi US determination to pursue the war effort.
(Action: State - Mr. Greenfield Mr. Sneider)

International Day of Protest Oct. 15-16
Further information will be sought from the FBI. Plans will also be developed to counteract the protest demonstrations by positive publicity emphasizing US support for the Vietnamese effort. A television program for release prior to october 15 and featuring students, professors and other Americans who have visited Vietnam and are favorable to Administration policy will be looked into.
(Action: State: P - Mr. Greenfield and FE. - Mr. Sneider)

Civil Rights Groups
No further action will be taken with Martin Luther King's group pending a report on Ambassador Goldberg's conversation with King.

The positive support of Negro leaders will be sought.
(Action: Mr. McGeorge Bundy)

Congressional and Gubernatorial Briefing and Speech Preparation
These plans are in good shape. A briefing book for the governors is being sent to the White House.
(Action: P-Mr. Greenfield)

The Refugee Problem
Dr. Howard Rusk is being sent to Vietnarm to survey the situation. He will meet first with the President and be briefed by States and AID. Dr. Rusk is also to get together with key representatives sentatives of voluntary agencies but they will not accompany him to Vietnam. Senator Kennedy has been informed and plans to call the President to express his pleasure.
(Action: Mr. Thomson and Mr. Schwartz)

Embassy Saigon is to be requested to in form the GVN on the Dr. Rusk mission.
(Action: Mr. Sneider)

"Why Vietnam?"
USIA is preparing a special version for overseas use.
(Action USIA -Mr. Anderson)

Nature of Vietnam War
An August 26 Embassy Saigon situation estimate and a report prepared by Dr. Lucien Pye point upon that the press is behind in understanding the nature of the Vietnam war. An interview of Dr. Pye by US News and World Report will be explored.
(Action: Mr. McGeorge Bundy)

Mr. Moyers WH
Mr. W. Bundy State
Mr. Greenfield State
Mr. Sneider State
Mr. McNaughton DoD
Mr. Goulding DoD
Mr. Anderson USIA
Mr. Cater WH

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