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Federal Bureau of Investigation. "Summary of Conversation with Stanley D. Levison." December 12, 1966.

Date Issued: December 12, 1966
Date Declassified: December 20, 1983
Length: 2 pages
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Martin King to Stan Levison. King calling to check on the testimony for Thursday. Levison said that he was working with Mike Miller (ph) tonight on it. Levison asked where Levison would be on Wednesday? King said in Chicago. King asked how soon it would be finished after they get together tonight? Levison said probably tomorrow night, but not before then... then there was problem of typing. King said maybe he could fly into New York Wednesday night. King said he guessed that the testimony was 10 o'clock... said he would have to check on it. Levison said it was on the morning of Thursday, but was not sure. Levison thinks that it is good idea for King to come on Wednesday. King will work on that basis, said then he could fly down to Washington. King said he is still thinking about it, mentions saying the same thing as everybody else. Levison said it is problem, but mentions material coming from academic people, which mentions the inequality of the distribution of income, Levison goes on to quote figures, etc. Levison thinks that the most original approach , and the one which does not require King to come up with the same program everybody else has, on housing, education and jobs... is the guaranteed annual income. Levison thinks that this might be the framework or spine, about which alot of material might be developed, that despite all the prosperity that we are not solving the problem. King thinks this is good. King said that somehow he has to... and that every body said this too... that he has to reiterate it in a very strong matter... that the war in Viet Nam is standing in the way of implemention of any of these things if we should agree that they should be done. King said that the New York Post had a very good editorial, last Thursday or the day Levison (?) left.. (wasnt sure)... the editorial was very strong on this point.. the cut back on domestic programs and at the same time calling for 11 billion dollars for increase of military budget. King said that he has to be very strong on this point, that this is an open invitation to confusion, chaos, disruptions and riot. King said maybe some of the things that they said in SCLC resolution, how its playing havoc with our domestic destinies. Levison mentions the recent revelation that they made a 10 billion dollar mistake in estimating the cost of war for one year... Levison said that the whole anti-poverty program is only a billion or two. Levison said the war is only suppose to be a little one. King said that this is good. King said that it should be analytical and passionate at the same time. King said that he should not hesitate to make it as moving as possible. Levison agrees, said it has to have a balance of being passionate and still be analytical... mentioned that Floyd McKissick is his testimony was solely agitational,.. that King would have to do better than that, but not just to read a dry paper with statistics. They agree that some thing can be done with the guaranteed annual income, giving facts and figures .....and the effect of the war in Viet Nam in ringing and moving terms... that it will come out with quality. King said he will let Levison when he will get in. Levison asked if King reached Joan. King said yes, that it is set for Friday and Saturday, that she got back to Hermine who had something planned but she is cutting that off. Levison asked if Hermine (ph) indicated that she would stay with it. King said that Joan gave the impression that she thought she would, that she had these other two commitments that she was trying to get out of. King said that he would come back in Thursday night or Friday morning and they could get together Friday and go a few hours, and then more time Saturday. Levison said he will wait to hear from King. King said alright.

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