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Malcolm X. Malcolm X Talks to Young People. New York: Pathfinder, 1991.

This January 18, 1965 interview, published posthumously in the March-April 1965 issue of the Young Socialist, demonstrated Malcolm X's knack for grasping the inevitibility of the Vietnam War, just as it was about to pick up steam. When asked about the U.S. role in South Vietnam, Malcolm responded:
"It shows the real ignorance of those who control the American power structure. If France, with all types of heavy arms, as deeply entrenched as she was in what was called Indochina, couldn't stay there, I don't see how anybody in their right mind can think the U.S. can get in there -- it's impossible. So it shows her ignorance, her blindness, her lack of foresight and hindsight; and her complete defeat in South Vietnam is only a matter of time."
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