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"National Black Referendum." In Issues and Action: A Newsletter of Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam. New York: CALCAV, March 11, 1970. P. 3.

This announcement in the Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam's (CALCAV) newsletter reads:
"The National Black Referendum on Vietnam (NBRV) is an attempt on the part of many national Black religious, social, and political organizations to determine the position of Black American[s] [sic] with respect to the war in Vietnam. The referendum will take place between Palm Sunday, March 22, and Easter, March 29, in every Black community in the country. This is a significant effort not only to involve the Black community in the anti-war movement, but also to show the ill-effects of spending tax dollars for Vietnam when they could be used to alleviate the blight of America's ghettoes.

NBRV has requested CALCAV's support, so it is important for our people to help them on the local level whenever possible. For further information, call David Schilling, 212-749-8518."

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