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"Negroes' Death Toll Is High In Vietnam." New York Times, February 15, 1967, p. 38.

This article reads:
"The Defense Department said today that during 1966 the number of Negroes killed in Vietnam was proportionately larger than that of whites.

Pentagon figures showed that Negro deaths were proportionately more frequent in the Army and Marine Corps, but were proportionately less so in the Air Force and Navy, which suffered fewer casualties.

Of the 4,557 Americans killed in Vietnam during the first 11 months of 1966, the Defense Department said, 16.3 per cent were Negroes. During the first nine months, according to the latest figures available, they constituted 10.2 per cent of the American force.

A breakdown showed the following:

Army -- 14.5 per cent Negroes; 20.6 per cent Negro death rate.
Marine Corps -- 7.5 percent and 10.5 percent.
Air Force -- 11.3 per cent and 2.8 per cent.
Navy -- 6.4 percent Negro; no Negro deaths.

The totals by services show that 2,801 in the army were killed including 578 Negroes, the Marines 1,539, including 161 Negroes and the Air Force 108, three of them Negroes."
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