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Raymond, Jack. "Negro Death Ratio in Vietnam Exceeds Whites." New York Times, March 10, 1966. P. 4.

An early report on the disproportionate numbers of African-Americans being killed in Vietnam. Reasons are given for the lopsided death rates, such as a high African-American volunteer rate and a measure of valor among African-Americans, that would be given in the years following. Included are portions of a previously unreleased transcript of closed hearings on an appropriations request for Vietnam, where concern over the disproportionate African-American death rate was raised. Democratic Senator Richard Russell of Georgia raised concerns over the issue to Secretary of Defense Robert MacNamara and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Earle Wheeler. Senator Russell asked, "You haven't heard of them [African-Americans] being selected to make a forlorn hope attack on any extraordinary strong position?" "No, sir," replied General Wheeler.

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