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Do It Loud. Spring Lake, N.C.: Black Brigade, 1(1), February 1970.

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Source: Do It Loud. Spring Lake, N.C.: Black Brigade, 1(1), February 1970.




Vol. 1 No. 1

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Free to Servicemen

The Black Brigade is established as an organization to represent the black man within the military in directing demands for measures to be expeditiously taken against racism as it affects the black man within the military. As the practice of racism stands disloyal to the Constitution of the United States of America, demands against racism that may be posed by the Black Brigade must be considered as being in accordance with, and in advocation of the Constitution. In view of the high racial tension within the military, demands of the Black Brigade in representing the black man in the military must be met and enforced in order to serve as instruments in obtaining racial harmony and maintaining good order within the military.

This first issue of DO IT LOUD is dedicated to the memory of Brother Fred Hampton and Brother Mark Clark who were killed under the cloak of a pre-dawn raid on the Chicago Panther Headquarters by "Hanarahn's Raiders." The Black Panther Party and all blacks have lost two courageous and dedicated crusaders of liberation. But let the racist be forewarned that the goals and ideals of these two fallen heros shall only gleam brighter now in the eyes of their fellow men. For brothers, the pig can only kill the "name" but they cannot kill the wind. And because of men like Hampton and Clark, the wind will continue to blow.

Source: Do It Loud. Spring Lake, N.C.: Black Brigade, 1(1), February 1970.

AR 230-1 in Black and White

Army Regulation 230-1, which was read to Black Brigade member, PFC harold Price, on 26 Nov. 1969, forbidding gatherings on post without the expressed permission of the post commander, has been in effect since the beginning of 1969. It had been, until the beginning of the Black Brigade meetings, so grossly ignored, that half the day was spent in search of it.

This move to block Black Brigade meetings on post is perplexing. The predominantly white group of G.I.'s known as G.I.'s UNITED held meetings on post similar to those of the Black Brigade's. However, G.I.'s UNITED met on post for eight months without apprehension. The first week the Black Brigade met was the last week the Black Brigade met on post.

G.I.'s UNITED meetings on post didn't go on unobserved. M.P.'s in vehicles as well as agents in unmarked cars made every meeting. In addition, General Tolson receives a personal copy of the G.I.'s UNITED newspaper, BRAGG BRIEFS, with each new edition. On the back of it is an invitation to the meetings, with time and place, as well as a diagram leading to the 12th Support area where the announced meetings were held.

In spite of the above paragraph, General Tolson claimed his total ignorance of the eight month activities of G.I.'s UNITED on post as having been the reason for them having never been checked. And General Tolson expects to ease racial tensions at Fort Bragg.

How many more Army Regulations are exercised in BLACK and WHITE?

Source: Do It Loud. Spring Lake, N.C.: Black Brigade, 1(1), February 1970.
"Of course I'll fight for my country -
Soon as I'm the citizen of one."

Radio G.I.

On January 11th, listeners of WSSB radio station in Durham, N.C. had the opportunity to learn more about G.I. organizing. During the 55 minute "phone in" show, Harold Price of the Black Brigade and Dave O'Brien from G.I.'s UNITED spoke about various aspects of the G.I. movement. The majority of the listeners who phoned in, to include a recent Viet Nam returnee, seemed very receptive to the speakers. Actually, there was only one really negative phone call and that participant was more interested in calling the G.I. organizers "cowards" than in trying to give rational comments to support her views.


The following article is actually an evaluation report on one of the racial seminars which was held on December sixth. As is pointed out in the report itself, the measures suggested should not be looked upon as all the desires of all black men in the military. HOwever, it is something to work from and add to and the Black Brigade is always open to new black members and black ideas.

Past experience leaves black people with hardly any room for anything other than doubt insofar as trusting the words of the establishment is concerned. So, even if this evaluation report is ignored by the military and possible governmental authorities, higher up, this can serve at least as an aid to black men in the military in beginning to define our needs and wants and the attitude of the authorities toward our appeals to obtain them.

Discussions and measures are of no value unless the problem they deal with are effected to the satisfaction of those being unduly effected by those problems. If those being unduly effected do not receive what they consider just satisfaction, it is just as well that no effort be made at all.

Viewing the panorama of the black racial issue in America since its beginning, measures of this issue have, thus far, failed to resolve the matter. The only measures accepted were either from white people or extremely white-oriented people. Consequently, their measures were nowhere near strong enough to deal with the black problem. It may be difficult to accept, but the only answers to the black problem can come from BLACK PEOPLE. We know what we need and want. When we have what we need and want, we shall be satisfied. If we are sold short, we will not accept it and the black problem will live on. The chronic history of the racial matter has proven this time after time.

The seminars at Fort Bragg could be the answer to calming the racial tension at Fort Bragg if, and only if, the voices and suggested measures of the black men are heard, accepted and immediately and completely acted upon.

Although the following suggested measures are represent a large percentage of the desires of black men in the military, they should not be looked upon as all of the desires of black, not colored, men in the military.

I.    Black military police should constitute half of every military police team dispatched.

II.    The percentage of black clerks at all levels of command should be in proportion to the percentage of black soldiers at each respective level of command.

III.    Black counselors should be made available to black soldiers to expose all of the opportunities from which one can choose while serving in the military.

IV.    Black officers should be in charge of a command consisting of more than one-third black soldiers.

V.    Black lawyers and legal officers should be made available for black soldiers, not whenever possible, but whenever necessary.

VI.    Black soldiers sent with a unit to contain a civil disorder involving black people should be on a volunteer basis.

VII.    The percentage of black officers within the military should be in direct proportion with the percentage of black men in the military.

VIII.    Members of promotion boards should be racially balanced in number and the discretion of any white board members scheduled to review a black soldier should be scrutinized carefully by black members of that unit under the rank of E-5.

IX.    The discretion of any white soldier bringing charges against a black soldier should be investigated with the investigation touching upon black members of that unit under the rank of E-5.

X.    Rules and regulations putting places of business off limits for practicing segregation and/or discrimination on a color basis should be strictly enforced.

XI.    Informal discussions and literature on political controversies concerning our country should be allowed to be conducted at will in service clubs on military installations.

XII.    Casual meeting and/or gatherings in outside areas to discuss should be allowed without expressed, formal permission.

XIII.    Military police and all other retaining authorities should be strictly ordered to display courtesy when apprehending and to afford an explanation to the apprehended.

XVIII.    A permanent, qualified and predominantly black investigative committee of confirmed non-career personnel should exist at every military installation to investigate non-judicial and courts-martial cases whenever racial bias has been suspected as having influenced the charge(s).

XIX.    A diversified selection of black literature chosen by black soldiers should be provided at service clubs and day rooms on military installations.

XX.    All directives concerning soldiers should be posted on daily bulletin boards.

Cinderellas of Capitalism

Capitalism is the economic system in America. This is the system Americans have to use in order to earn money to live. Capitalism is derived from the verb, to capitalize. To capitalize means to take advantage of another's mistake. So, in order for Americans to earn money to live, they must take advantage of each other's mistakes (and that includes shortcomings as well).

Although I do not claim to be a crusader on morals, I dare say that a moral person could hardly be moral and take advantage of someone else's mistake or shortcoming at the same time. If he did, he would no longer moral. At least, not if he capitalized as constantly as is necessary within a capitalistic economy.

Yet, America boasts of being capitalistic and claims to be moral at the same time. Impossible! Not even America can be both at the same time. And no one can dispute that America is capitalistic. So, where does that leave "Miss Liberty" on the moral issue?

In spite of all, our history books read that slavery in America was ended on moral accounts. Yet, all this country has ever known is capitalism, making money by taking advantage of other people.

If you bear all of this in mind, you may go on to wonder how America could have benefited by freeing the slaves other than by freeing the slaves other than by freeing her own conscience? Well, keep all this in mind and we'll go back some years to work our way back up again.

Let's stop at Rhode Island in 1790. Factories mean hiring a mass of people to produce a particular product. This type of employment and production is known as industry. So America was on its way to industrialization during the first years of her birth. 1859 alone brought industry in the Northeastern part of America a profit of 1.27 billion dollars. To make a large profit, however, the factory owners had to pay as little as possible for production. They had to find people willing to work for almost nothing.

For this, they depended upon poor whites coming from the poverty they had faced in Europe. To the misfortune of industry, however, were robbing them of white European immigrants who were willing to work for almost nothing.

This meant higher wages. Higher wages meant less profit for the industrializers. They refused to pay higher wages to unskilled and/or semi-skilled laborers.

With their poor white European supply of cheap labor cut short, the "Great White Businessmen" began looking elsewhere for cheap labor. And then it struck them!!

Of course! According to their fine constitution, SLAVERY was illegal! Just think, all those fine black workers under slavery, they worked for nothing. Freed, the slaves, (in the name of the constitution, moral conscience and all that) would create a new labor force, a labor force that could be hired for even less than the poor white immigrants. To the businessmen this meant even greater profit.

There was one problem however because Southern slave-owners could not quite relish this idea. And southern politicians saw right through the bull about the North condemning slavery on constitutional grounds. But it was southern ignorance and pride, as well as Northern greed, that brought on the Civil War. Ignorance kept the Southerners from realizing that slavery by machinery of their day and for even greater profits. Greed speaks for itself!

More so, after the Reconstruction Era rather than immediately after the Civil War, (Northern industries began recruiting about 1890), the newly freed blacks into the ranks of the cheap labor force and at cheaper wages. It was a better deal all around. And because this new black American was used to the life of a slave and not a white society, it would be a while, if ever, before he would catch on to the ways of organizing as the poor uprisen whites had done with their unions around 1900.

Now, that time has come though. Black people are finally beginning to organize. But, will that be enough? Bear further in mind that the poor whites had a stroke of luck along with their organizing; another group of people ready to replace them at an even greater profit to the businessmen. Even with someone to replace them, those poor whites experienced countless, blood-bathing massacres in their attempts to organize into unions.

Thus, even as we organize, whom do we, as black people, have to fill our shoes of poverty, if and whenever, we step out of them? Today, the whole world is economy-minded and anyone economy-minded isn't hardly going to step into anybody's shoes of poverty.

Yet, these shoes must be filled before businessmen will even consider allowing black people to move on. Cheap wages are the only thing that will leave enough money for the businessmen to continue enjoying their large profits. If General Motors spent all its money on production (higher wages included), they would not continue having the unnecessary billions in profit left over for themselves.

If black people can organize well enough and find a large enough group of people willing to do America's dirty work for almost nothing, then, perhaps, there may be a chance for us to pat our shoes of poverty good-bye. Otherwise, we had better start searching for a new economic system.

Source: Do It Loud. Spring Lake, N.C.: Black Brigade, 1(1), February 1970.
"The way I see it, my bein' here helps ease
unemployment and racial tensions at home. I'm gettin'
killed as a public service."


Do you get ugly bumps and scars on your beautiful black face from shaving? If you do, you have a skin infection known as "FOLLICULITIS". And you know what, brothers? There's only one cure for it: "No Shaving"!

That's right, bothers! All this time, you been bullshitted into shaving, messin' your face all up and made to believe there was nothing you could do about it. More power to you if you can use a shaving powder and still not suffer from the ugliness of shaving bumps. But I haven't met a brother yet who got any less bumps from using shaving powder as he would have from using a blade or electric shaver.

The "No Shaving" cure is medical treatment, the only medical treatment against such an infection, unless you undergo a special and very expensive operation which burns out all hair in the facial tissue forever. So, actually, you have two choices. And you cannot be refused medical treatment.

And remember. Doctors are no angels. Not too many army doctors want to chance handing out profiles against shaving. (Too many live by the "CYA" system.) But you cannot ever be forced to inflict an infection upon yourself. Only if medical treatment to save you from this ugly infection can be offered may the order to inflict infection be given.

If you are not satisfied with the medical treatment offered by your dispensary, you are within your rights to request an appointment with the DERMOTOLOGY DEPT. at Womack Army Hospital in D.C.

Because all this is now being publicized, appointments at dermotology may be late in coming, etc. But, as long as you have those bumps, the infection is evident and so is lack of proper medical attention. And lack of proper medical attention. And lack of proper medical attention, especially stateside, appears to be something your I.G. or congressman should look into.

Another important point; this infection begins the second a hair is removed from your face by shaving. So don't buy these two week profiles. Even if the infection does clear up in two weeks, it will return the minute you shave and there is no reason why you should be forced to infect yourself once every two weeks. A permanent profile is necessary to prevent the infection.

When you go to dermotology, they'll give you creams and lotions from A to Z. But none of them work. Sooner or later, the continuance of your infection will prove this. However, be prepared for them to try everything in the book before they finally give you a profile. But a profile is the inevitable end because nothing else in their books works. Black Brigade member, Brother Price, proved it. Even now he sports a full, all-legal beard backed up by three together doctors. And his infection case was, "no where near as bas as some other brothers'," as he put it.

So, be patient if they start jivin' around when you go on sick call about your skin infection tomorrow morning. BLACK is BEAUTIFUL when it's not infected.


Source: Do It Loud. Spring Lake, N.C.: Black Brigade, 1(1), February 1970.


April 9, 1968 pg. 46 Ku Klux Klan White Knights Imperial Wizard S. H. Bowers was indicted in connection with March 1967 bombings. Goes on trial May 15, 1968. Mistrial is declared; Bowers freed.

Mississippi bombing March 1967

Bowers indicted April 1968

Bowers freed on "mistrial" May 1968

The Black Brigade

I've sweated thru sweat, as I've tilled their land.
I've bent down to them as the lowest of man.
I've tried so hard to be their friend
I can no longer live in their world of sin.

We first yelled out with "say it loud"
But now my brothers we do it loud.

We'll stop this man, oh yes we must
By any means necessary, success or bust.

I'll die for my sisters, yes this is true
And stand up for my brothers, what about you?

We cannot wait, the time is here
Another day of this (shit) I can not bear.

If we must fight for freedom, let it begin
I'll never bow down, no, never again.

J. Laley


Thoughts For Everyone

Man's beloved game, politics, has endured through centuries of documented history, unchanged (and we may well suspect in prehistoric times as well). New vocabularies have been introduced, some old terms cast aside, but this is only semantics being used to elude change. Ancient Rome had her Caesars; Russia, the Tzars; England, her Arthurs and Henries and America has her Presidents. The goal of all these men playing on of man's most dangerous and universal past-times --POLITICS-- was and is the retention of power.

Power is not the instrument which one uses to place himself above another but the instrument with which he attempts to preserve himself by making himself less vulnerable to another who is also groping for power to protect his own existence.

Fear of oppression demands of man that he place himself in a position, not to oppress, but to remain free from oppression.

All men are governed by politics -- that is power -- that is preservation. Men of the lowest economic and social ranks are just as much power politicians as the most wealthy dictator. A man subordinates himself to another in return for protection, just as a dominator is protected by having his subordinates under his control. When both sides feel secure, there is domestic harmony or peace. If the balance of security is tipped in one direction or another, panic grips the less well fortified. If the threat is placed on the mass, revolution ensues, if it is placed on the governors, tyranny becomes rampant. Both revolution and tyranny are bellicose or violent attempts to rebalance security.

War among nations is exactly the same thing as war within a society. War is always a defensive action. Even the opponent that initiates the war, often called the aggressor or offender, is acting defensively to preserve his own security. Somewhere, the balance of security is fearfully felt to have been tipped and the threatened nation acts to re-establish the status quo under which she enjoyed security.

Peace, then, demands the giving and taking of protection. When groups within a society are threatened economically or socially, therefore, being left unprotected, then, that society must either supply the necessary security or suffer insurrection. If the existing society feels too vulnerable to give this security and does not wish to be destroyed, then, a new contract must be written between the governed and the governors in order to renew the former equilibrium. Among nations, the same rules apply for insuring peace.

The ultimate peace between nations, social groups and individuals will become feasible only when people become mature and sophisticated to the degree necessary to eliminate the fear people have of each other. How this can be done remains an unanswered question. But, without the answer, Man, with his defenses now capable of complete destruction, may be just another freak of evolution destined to self- destruction because of his inability to change.

Source: Do It Loud. Spring Lake, N.C.: Black Brigade, 1(1), February 1970.
"... And did you voluntarily accept a free, hot meal from known
Black Panthers at [] September nine, nineteen hun'ert an' sixty-nine?"

Malcolm X Speaks;

"How can I love the man who raped my mother, killed my father, enslaved my ancestors, dropped atomic bombs on Japan, killed off the Indians, and keeps me cooped up in the slums?"

More On AR's

Is the wearing of 'fro's accepted and permitted by Army authorities these days? According to the latest which has come down, at least, to all commanders at Fort Bragg, YES! The new guidelines, however, do still forbid novel and bizarre styles. Nevertheless, if you keep your neck trimmed and hair off your ears, you may grow an "afro" as long as you can without interfering with the wearing of your headgear.

If you are ordered to get a haircut and you cannot see where your "afro" violates the new guidelines but, instead, feel the order to get a haircut is degrading or depersonalizing, you may just as well have a legitimate argument. If you are offered an Article 15 and accept it, you are admitting that whoever ordered you to get a haircut was right and that you, yourself, were wrong. However, if you really feel you are being done wrong, you have the right to refuse an Article 15 and request as high as a Special Court-Martial. If you are that convinced that you have been wronged and the army wants to afford a few thousand dollar court-martial and some more controversial publicity, then the Black Brigade is sure it can afford a few hundred dollar civilian lawyer for you and some complimentary publicity for itself.



Too many revolutions have had several things in common; leaders well versed in politics and economics and followers poorly, if at all, knowledgeable of either. Also, and quite obviously, the revolutions never really pleased everyone. In short, the followers of these revolutions never really understood what they were fighting for and, scarcely, what they were fighting against. In addition, most of those who had been against the revolution in the first place, were destined to becoming revolutionaries themselves, to some degree, under the new order. Invariably, discontentment grew among the new generations of the old revolutionaries as their knowledge of politics and economics became broad enough for them to understand what the revolutionary generation had obliviously fought for and against.

With this inspiration, the new revolutionaries of the old order became expressed left radicals and that special set of the new generation of the old revolutionaries became the left liberals. The leaders of the new order turned from conversation to fascism, their leftist subjects from subordination to revolution.

Too many revolutions have had several things in common.


Have you thought about yourself lately? We realize that the "Beast" got you thinking about him so much that it is rather difficult to squeeze a second in sideways, but it might prove healthy for you and your people if you said to hell with "the Beast" for a few minutes to look at yourself.

Eldridge Cleaver states; "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem." The solution is Black, the problem is White. Which one have you been working for lately?? The Black Brigade meets every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:00 p.m., at the FAPPO Building on Guthrie St. in Fayetteville. The FAPPO Building is in close proximity of the Desert Inn. See you there!


Source: Do It Loud. Spring Lake, N.C.: Black Brigade, 1(1), February 1970.
"Now that you've learned to say 'sir'
to your superiors, I hope you'll remember
it when you get back to civilian life."


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Source: Do It Loud. Spring Lake, N.C.: Black Brigade, 1(1), February 1970.

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