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Sepia. November 1968. 17(11) p. 54-55.

Letters from The Fellows of First Squad, Co. D 2Bn. 7th Calvary, Viet Nam L/Cpl. Johnnie J. Percalta 2318346, F. Co. 2 Bat. 26 Marines, 3 Marine Div., FPO San Francisco 966602 Pfc. James Marshall, Rt. 2, Cordell, Okla. Pfc. Eddie Anderson, Hq & A Co. 1st Med. Bn., 1st Inf. Div., APO 96345 San Francisco Sgt. Jose S. Grant Sp/4 Bobby Hurdle, US 52 751 299, 589th Engr Bn, APO 96238 San Francisco Sp/4 Charles Sumler, D. Btry 1st Bn 44th Auty, APO 06308 San Francisco Pfc. Fitzpatrick Springer, US 56 586 935, 1st Cav. Div Co.B 15th TC BN, APO 96490 San Francisco Sp/4 Willie KcKenney, 11th Inf Bde, Co B 4/3rd Americal Div, APO 96217 San Francisco Sgt. Bert F. McDonald.

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