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Sepia. December 1968. 17(12) p. 60-61.

Letters from Pfc. Leonard J. ParQuet, 2252104, Hdq. Btry, 1st Bat. 12th Marines, USMC FPO San Francisco 96602 Sp/4 Charles R. King, US 62 008 682, 3/34 Arty A Btry, APO 96373 San Francisco Pfc. Delbert Gatewood Jr., H&S Co. 1st FSR Reg (FLC) FMF, FPO 96002, San Francisco, Calif. Sgt. Will Runnels, Troop D 3/5 Cav., APO 96370 San Francisco A GI in Viet Nam RSp/4 Jesse L. Barksdale, 1st Log. Command (R&D), APO San Francisco 96384 Pfc. Richard Beacham Jr., Viet Nam Sp/4 Kenneth A. Haley.

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