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Emerson, Gloria. "Part Vietnamese, Part Black – And Orphans." New York Times, February 7, 1972, p. 26.

The problems of racism in Vietnam made it very difficult for children of Vietnamese women and African-American servicemen to get an education, job or even friendships. This article reports on the situation. A three year old girl (Angela) who is Afro-Amerasian, already shows the results of being neglected and outcast (she was abandoned four days after she was born). The Martin Luther King Home for Children, established by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) program director Hosea Williams and his wife, was then being established in Gia Dinh. An SCLC representative, Victor Srinivasen, was put in charge of initiating the Home but was faced with limited funds. The project started out fighting an uphill battle. Money for general and medical expenses was extremely important. The article relates this story in Mr. and Mrs. Williams attempt to adopt a little Afro-Amerasian girl (Lanh). Because of the red tape and beauracracy involved in adoption procedures the Williams' could not bring Lanh home with them. She later died due to inadequate medical attention.

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