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Source: Frazier, Sandie. I Married Vietnam: A Novel. New York, NY: George Braziller, 1992. Frazier, Sandie. I Married Vietnam: A Novel. New York, NY: George Braziller, 1992.

The following is from the inside jacket cover of I Married Vietnam: A Novel:

I Married Vietnam is a profound account of the lives of Samantha and Jeremy Freeman, an interracial couple united and irrevocably affected by the traumas of the Vietnam war.

With a voice as genuine as it is compelling, Frazier skillfully recounts Jeremy Freeman's journey from his ingenuous childhood in a small Mississippi town in the late 1940s to his service in the combat ravaged jungles of Vietnam. It is the story of the destruction of this Native / African American's innocence and his transformation into a bitter and indurate fighter.

As the narrator, Samantha tells us how Jeremy struggles upon his return to the States to acclimate himself to his new world. We hear his recurring accounts of the deadly fire fights and the horrors of combat that nearly devour him. As the listener, Samantha relives the journey with Jeremy, and in so doing reveals her extraordinary devotion and love for him. In this way, I Married Vietnam is, simultaneously, Samantha's own heroic tale.

Sandie Frazier offers an authentic voice of war, never condescending, never aggrandizing, always maintaining an exquisite balance that distinguishes fine writers. It is the kind of voice, eminently compassionate, that bring with it understanding.
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