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Ida Mae Lawrence

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Vietnam: A Poem
Source: Lynd, Staughton. "A Radical Speaks in Defense Of S.N.C.C." New York Times, September 10, 1967. P. 51+.

We say we love our country
We say other people love their country
We said that all men are brothers
What would we call the war in Vietnam
Would we call that brotherly love
Does the word freedom have a meaning
Why do the history books say America is the
Land of Liberty a Free Country.
Then why do all mens Negro and White fight
the Vietnam and Korea why cant we be Americans
as North and South regardless of color
What does we have again the Vietnams?
Why are we fighting them?
Who are really the enemy?
Are Vietnam the enemy or we
Americans enemies to ourselves,
If we are the same as Vietnams
Why should we fight them?
They are poor too
They wants freedom
They wants to redster to vote.
Maybe the people in the Vietnam
can't redster to vote
Just like us.

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