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Don L. Lee

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The Long Reality
by Don L. Lee

Napalm in Vietnam
Congress here,
The message is clear—
America is in tears
Crying her pleads of broken promises and hypocrisies.
Viet brothers come give us a hand
We fight for freedom
We fight for land.

Give me my forty acres
Give me my mule—
Broken promises and hypocrisies
Where death died and claimed freedom flees.

Source: Lee, Don L.  Message to Black Soldier.  Muhammad Speaks, May 19, 1967, p. 11.

Message to Black Soldier
by Don L. Lee

The Black brothers at home refuse

to go to war. They say:

         "The Viet Cong never called us nigger."

As the Black soldier shot the Cong,

the Viet cried:

         "We are both niggers -- WHY?"

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