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Johnson, Thomas A. "Powell's Ouster As Pastor Sought by His Church Foes." New York Times, March 25, 1968, p. 1, 46.

Adam Clayton Powell, pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York City and Congressman from New York, spoke before his congregation on March 24th, 1968. This sermon came at a time when there was a concerted effort to replace Powell as pastor within the church due to the controversy surrounding his exclusion from his Congressional seat. During this sermon, Powell reiterated his opposition to the Vietnam War stating, "Why should we impose a democracy on a group of sweet people in Southeast Asia that we don't practice at home?" According to the article Powell had "consistently ignored" requests from other civil rights organizations to "come out strongly against the war in Vietnam." However, in 1966 Adam Clayton Powell came out very strongly against the war even comparing the draft system to Hitler's idea of Aryan supermen.

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