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Counter Attack. Fort Carson, Colorado: New Haven Panther Defense Committee, December 1970.

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Source: Counter Attack. Fort Carson, Colorado: New Haven Panther Defense Committee, December 1970.

A brother who wrote an article last month has received a 212 under honorable conditions. This brother was always being clear that he thought black people should not serve in the United States Army which suppresses Third World people in order to control the natural resources of their countries. People are led to believe they will get undesirable discharges but this committed brother is back in his community (more power to G.I.s).


In an historic suit based partly on Point 6 of the Black Panther Program, a black marine lance corporal has challenged the right of the armed forces to force black people to serve as agents of amerikan imperialism.

BOBBY EVANS, stationed at the Alameda Naval Air Station, filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus in federal court on Nov. 5. Writs of habeas corpus, which challenge the right of an institution to hold a person in custody, have been successful in securing the release of many GIs on the basis of conscientious objection and hardship. His suit argues that the Marine Corps, on the basis of its racist actions towards him and its use in furthering amerika's wars against fellow third world and oppressed people, has forfeited the right to control his life.

Plans for the suit, began soon after Marines at Alameda Naval Air Station discovered that some of their NCO's were distributing a racist leaflet depicting a nude black man so positioned that he would be shot if he got an erection while watching a nude white woman posing in front of him. The leaflet was titled "How to Eliminate the Negro Problem."

One major basis for the suit is the contention that this leaflet, plus the fact that Evans is made to serve color guard duty with great frequency in order to fool the public into thinking that the Marine Corps is fully integrated, are badges of slavery prohibited by the 13th Amendment. The Constitution, through this amendment, prohibits slavery and has been interpreted as prohibiting action which treats black people as inferiors.

In another legal argument, it is asserted that the Fifth Amendment in the due process clause, forbids the federal government to deny equal protection to black GIs by subjecting them to racist propaganda or extra duty of any kind.

The suit is based also upon Point Six of the Black Panther Party program. This is the first time Point Six has ever been used in a legal argument.


The Panthers recognize that black people in the united states are oppressed by the amerikan government in the same way that Third World people around the globe are subjected to amerikas colonial ambitions. Both the Vietnamese and the blacks are treated as colonial people, oppressed by violence to serve the economic interests of amerikan industry.


We of the Alameda MDM and the Alameda Defense Federation are asking for support for our brother Bobby Evans and his case in the form of publicity. We feel this case is of great importance to the GI movement and is a history-making court action. Bobby's filing has been an important factor in creating the amount of on base solidarity. We urge all Brothers to file for discharge or call for racial investigations under article 138 of the UCMJ ...




On December 4, 1969, Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party and Mark Clark were murdered in their sleep by the Mayor Daley's pigs in Chicago. The pigs tried to justify the murder by saying that they were shot at from inside the apartment house. The pigs used nailheads as evidence of being shot at from the house. This lie was laid out to the people by an Illinois Grand Jury. The pigs that were guilty of the Murders were arrested, but were soon set free. This shows how justifiable the law can be. Seems that as long as you are dressed in a so-called "protector of the people" (pig) uniform, everything that you do is justifiable.

Thousands of revolutionary brothers and sisters have joined the struggle in the past year and the more revolutionaries struggle, the more people join the revolution. Fred said when you kill a revolutionary, 1,000 more replace him. He was right. The spirit of Fred lives all over the country, all over the world. One of the most recent struggles was in Carbondale.

On Thursday, November 12th, the combined forces of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and the State, Attacked the Black community of Carbondale. They say they were looking for a still unidentified 'black male in a trench coat.' The pigs tore into the community shooting up a two block area for over 45 minutes and then attacked the home of a group of Black Panthers for an hour and 15 minutes. In the midst of their mad dog attack, the pigs totaled the homes on the street. One family had to move out, since their newly remodeled home had been over ventilated by the insane wanton shooting of Carbondale's finest chumps.

The shooting was finally ended when the people of the community realized that these crazy pigs weren't interested in justice, but wanted to kill "all those Black Panther Bastards". Three hundred people stood as a wall between the pigs and the Panthers and said that if you think we're gonna let you kill off our beautiful young brothers and sisters, you're crazy - you'll have to kill us too. The pigs, faced by the power of the people, stopped shooting but they started busting people left and right. The community got it together and started interviewing witnesses, one is a 55 year old man who walked out on his porch and was hit by a pigs bullet. They're starting a boycott of the racist businesses in Carbondale and raising the $50,000 ransom for the people's warriors who were busted.

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