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Suskind, Ron. "A Jobs Study Reveals a Pattern of Problems Among Veterans of Vietnam." New York Times, March 4, 1985, Sec. 2(B), p. 1, 5.

A study conducted in the New York City area in the mid-80's discovered that there were a variety of problems confronting veterans. The survey, utilizing 506 veterans, found a "consistent relationship between race, ethnicity and combat level and these career deficits [employment and financial concerns]." For instance, the survey found an unemployment rate of 6% for white veterans but one of 16% and 17% for African-Americans and Hispanics respectively. As a result of the study a program was implemented to help solve some of the problems revealed in the study. An initial budget of $500,000 was available for the first year. The program was to primarily focus on those the survey determined to be most in need, minority veterans and those involved in heavy combat.

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