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Chance, Tom. (January 1969). "'Mr. Mountain': U.S. Navyman Fights His Own Very Special War." Ebony, 24(3), 58-61.

An account of U.S. Navy Chief Joshua Paige. Paige, or "Ong Son" ("Mountain Man") was a member of the Village Assistance Team (VAT) which helped "win the hearts and minds" of the Vietnamese people by assisting villagers in constructing new churches, schools, and occasionally (unofficially) assisting in defensive matters. Paige and the VAT were working in the village of Tam Toa (a village within DaNang) which primarily consisted of former North Vietnamese Catholics. The article demonstrates some of the unique problems encountered by Paige, a six foot four black man, in winning over the villagers. Initially ridiculed as a curiousity, Paige eventually, with the help of a local Catholic priest, became an honored unofficial member of the village.

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